700 Free American AAdvantage Miles & A Chance to Win 350,000

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In celebration of American AAdvantage’s 35th anniverssary, American Airlines is giving away 35 grand prizes of 350,000 AAdvantage miles plus everyone who enters has a chance to get 700 miles for free.

The Contest

To enter for a chance to win 350,000 AAdvantage miles, fill out the form on the AA promotional website before June 1, 2016 at 12PM CDT.

700 Free Miles

Simply fill out the entry form including which milestone you are saving for in order to earn 350 AAdvantage miles. Additionally you can earn 350 more by sharing a milestone trip via social media or email.

You can enter the contest and find the full rules here.

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11 Comments on "700 Free American AAdvantage Miles & A Chance to Win 350,000"

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Is this targeted? Link doesn’t allow registration and can’t find on AA website


Might try firefox, chrome didn’t show registration link for .e


I seem to have gotten “registered” in one account (after a long wait time to process), but then it wouldn’t take me to the “email a friend” page to get the additional 350 miles.

Since we have no reason to believe this offer is capacity controlled, I suspect the right strategy is to just wait to register.

Mark Rex

I just registered and completed the 700 mile bonus. I checked my account and the bonus Miles have yet to be credited. Do you know how long it should take me before they are credited? My wife doesn’t have an account I want to create one for her as well. Do you know h my wife doesn’t have an account so I want to create one for her as well. Do you know the household woman ousehold limit for the bonus?

Mark Rex

I found where it says the miles will post 6-8 weeks after the promotion.

Jean Ottosen

I couldn’t get the email link on the main entry page to work either.

View the “Terms and Conditions”…once that popup loads, use the “envelope” email link at upper left – that brought up the email name & addresses window successfully.


Their site must be getting hammered.


When I click on the “email” link, my work computer tries to open up an Outlook window. If I send the email, should I just include my AA account number in the email? I doubt a real person actually reads these all.


Terms state you can enter two times. Wonder if that mean 2 X 700 miles = 1400 miles?


On rules it explicitly says there is a limit of 350 points for each way per account. Maybe that is for the larger contest?