[EXPIRED] 15% Off Travel Gift Cards on eBay + 5X + 10%+ Back


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PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay is offering 15% off select travel gift cards. You can stack other offers to save even more.

The Offer

Save an extra 15% off when you purchase $200 or more of selected gift cards.

Gift Cards Available

Gift cards are available for the following brands:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Celebrity Cruises

You can find all of the discounted cards here.

Save Even More

You should be able to earn an additional 1.5% cashback through Shop at Home, 5X Ultimate Rewards by paying with a Chase Ink through PayPal and some members have been targeted with a 5X (10%) eBay Bucks offer.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
ShopAtHomeYou will earn a $5 bonus once you make $20 in purchases within a month (I’m not sure if I’ll earn a bonus – it may depend upon whether or not ShopAtHome is running a tell-a-friend promo.I've had good luck with this portal, but I don't like that they have a $20 minimum payout.

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Tony Kwok

How do you get 5x with Chase ink?


Got in on some southwest gift cards. This is as cheap as I have seen them. Solid deal.


Even when the AA cards are combined over the minimum, the 10% ebay bucks do not apply for some reason.


Paypal is having a major meltdown. Both my wife and I got locked out of our accounts due to some sort of back end tie between PPDG and PP. Talked with phone support who confirmed the issue and said to wait 24-48 hours before trying to purchase again. I’m sure this deal will be gone by then…. congrats to those who got in.


Had the same problem with paypal spent an hour with “tech. support”
he hand no clue why they were not processing my order totally clueless

oh well


I’ve been having the same issue for a week now and keep getting a “transaction refused” error when I try to pay. Not sure what’s going on, but both eBay and PayPal support had no solution. Hopefully they fix the issue soon, so we can all jump on this deal.


I received the same error. I had a conference call with 2 very helpful eBay and PayPal reps, but they had no idea. Bad day for everything to break.


I had the same issue a few weeks ago. I spent hours with PP tech support and was informed that my account got flagged due to “security measures”. Well it’s funny because it was my very first time trying to purchase GC from paypal_digital using my Chase ink. They couldnt fix the issue right away, ie I couldn’t buy GC with my Ink. I’m certain that using the Ink too many times flags their security screening and they shut you down for week (maybe longer) because I was able to buy a GC off them a week later but if you try to purchase another card right away, you will start getting the same error.


I had this same issue. I fixed it by going to eBay -> My Account -> Personal Information -> “Checkout saved payment methods” -> remove PayPal.

Next time you go to check out you will need to login to PayPal again, but it then started working again for me.


Got $200 SW for $170 plus today I get 10% bonus of ebay bucks!


It took some fiddling, but I got $200 in AA gift cards to work. Ebay/Paypal really need to clean up their act, though. It’s like pulling teeth to buy gift cards from them. If they’re going to do a promo like this, they need to realize that people buying $200 in gift cards aren’t trying to commit fraud — they’re trying to take advantage of their offer!

And God forbid you wanted $400. 🙂


Yeah if they don’t want people buying large amounts of GCs then don’t offer massive discounts on GCs!!!!!


I just bot $1000 of Southwest Air gift cards. It took a few tries and multiple verification for Paypal to go through. Tried to buy another $1000 of AA gift cards, Paypal refused. Call customer support, but they couldn’t unlock the block. Frustrating!


Thanks for the heads up, just bought $1000 worth of AA gift cards with my ink. Great deal but it took several verifications to work.


yep same error codes..PAYPAL= PAYFAIL
now I remember why I rarely use them


How long was this supposed to last? All I see is “This offer is no longer available.”