$150 Staples Gift Card for $130 & Other Gift Card Deals at eBay

ebay staples gift card

Update: eBay is also sending out targeted 4X (8%) eBay Bucks offers.

PayPal Digital Gifts is currently selling $150 Staples eGift cards for $130.

Things to Know

  • Limit 5
  • Staples gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.
  • Start through the Shop at Home portal for 1.5% cashback.
  • Purchases from PayPal Digital gifts should earn 5X if you pay with a Chase Ink card through PayPal.

Other Cards on Sale

eBay also has several other gift cards on sale. Among the deals are:

  • $100 ChevronTexaco gift card for $92.
  • $100 Sears gift card for $85.
  • $100 CVS gift card for $88.
  • $100 BP gift card for $92.
  • $100 AutoZone gift card for $90
  • $100 Barns & Noble gift card for $88.

You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
ShopAtHomeYou will earn a $5 bonus once you make $20 in purchases within a month (I’m not sure if I’ll earn a bonus – it may depend upon whether or not ShopAtHome is running a tell-a-friend promo.I've had good luck with this portal, but I don't like that they have a $20 minimum payout.

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9 Comments on "$150 Staples Gift Card for $130 & Other Gift Card Deals at eBay"

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The staples cards are out of stock. Deal dead?


That was quick. States seller doesn’t have any left.


On the checkout screen it keeps asking me to log into Paypal. What does that mean?


I’m getting that same message. Still shows over 14,000 left so no, it’s not dead. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this listing but given that it’s sold by PPDG it makes sense.


Just bought 5 of them. So deal is alive and not restricted to 1 per customer atm.


I really don’t think eBay and Paypal are interested in selling you gift cards anymore. They have the same verification BS for every order I try. Calling in is next to pointless too, as they keep giving you a vague reason for it not working. Every other gift card seller on eBay works, so it’s Paypal Digital Gifts/Paypal/eBay that’s beyond comprehension. Why don’t FM write up a story on how crappy and impossible eBay/Paypal is? That would be worth posting.


So after verifying my PP account 5 or 6 times my order for 5 finally went through.


Paypal wasn’t allowing me to purchase these on my desktop, but I was able to purchase them through the Ebay mobile app. Weird.

Jon Chan

I bought 5 yesterday and tried to buy another 5 with the same eBay ID. It was not allowed.