Sam’s Club Amex Offer Follow-Up: Clarification on $10 Gift Card Terms

sams club amex offer followup

Yesterday I published a Quick Deal talking about the new Sam’s Club Amex Offer. That offer gives a $45 statement credit when you purchase a $45 membership in-club. It is valid through 9/30/16.

In that Quick Deal I also covered a second offer for a $10 gift card for new members. At the time of posting, the Sam’s Club page had conflicting information regarding the gift card promotion. The terms say you need to join by July 4, while the page said you need to join after July 4. Fortunately the page has now been corrected.

To get the $10 gift card, you need to join on or before July 4, 2016.

You can find out more details about these offers in yesterday’s original Quick Deal.

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Then this is a complete 180. I printed out the email with the code for $10 gift card from Sam’s, and it states clearly “Get this $10 Gift Card when you join after July 4th!” So, my code says after July 4th. I don’t have a code for on or before July 4th. Any advice on what to do?


don’t worry. I am sure at some point between July 4th and Sept 30th there will be the same or even better offer.


That’d be nice, as $10 was rather lame. ☺
Will subscribe to this thread.


The offer hasn’t changed. Here is what it shows in the email I just requested. It is still the same conflicting info.

“Get this $10 Gift Card when you join after July 4th!”

“Offer valid through July 4, 2016.”


Went in and signed up today. The offer code in the Sam’s Club email didn’t work (it said “after July 4”, but also had the July 4 expiration date in the Ts&Cs). The membership clerk wasn’t sure what the problem was, so she looked for an alternative. Since I’m a veteran (though she didn’t ask for verification), she was able to use a code for military sign-up that came with a gift card for $15 instead!


I wonder if the offer is filled. 0 on 15 cards.


I went today and my offer code also didn’t work. I think it is really meant for AFTER July 4th.


I just returned from Sams Club and I got the gift card along with my free membership thanks to my AMEX Gold Premier. When I got there I saw a manger and spoke to him about the indiscrepancy. He agreed that it should be before July 4th since it was a promotion specifically for it. He told me that he would make sure I got the gift card either way. So I went to the membership desk and showed it to the associate and told her what the manager said. She tried to input the code and it didn’t accept. So she contacted the manager on the walkie talkie and he told her to go ahead and give me the gift card. He then came over and signed off on it. So I would ask to speak to a manager from the get go if you want to spend as little time trying to get it.


I went in to Sam’s today, and the offer code didn’t work. After looking at the conflicting terms of the offer, the manager said, “well, someone messed up!” and just separately issued me a $10 gift card after I purchased my membership. I was glad he didn’t tell me to come back tomorrow and try again! Maybe the code will really be live tomorrow.