1K Bonus Miles for $120+ Spend Through the Singapore Krisflyer Portal


Singapore’s Krisflyer program is offering a nice bonus for using their KrisFlyer Spree shopping portal.

The Offer

A one-time Bonus of 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles will be given to members after a minimum spend of $120 USD made via KrisFlyer Spree during the promotional period.

Key Terms

  • Promotion is valid for all KrisFlyer members from 20 – 26 July 2016, GMT +0800.
  • Purchases will be validated and approved within 90 days as per KrisFlyer Spree standard terms and conditions.
  • Once the purchase is approved, bonus 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles will be credited by the end of the following month to member’s KrisFlyer account. The last round of crediting will be on 30 November 2016.
  • Bonus KrisFlyer miles will only be credited for approved transactions that satisfy the above promotion terms and conditions.
  • The maximum number of bonus KrisFlyer miles that will be awarded to an eligible KrisFlyer account through this promotion is 1,000 KrisFlyer miles.
  • Individual merchant terms and conditions apply.

You can find the full details and terms of the promotion here.

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HT: Points Centric

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8 Comments on "1K Bonus Miles for $120+ Spend Through the Singapore Krisflyer Portal"

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Should I be excited about this? Is this a deal? Seems like 1000 points is worth ~$15. Is there an angle, or is this a real $120 in spend?


hmmm… they seem to partner with eBay AUSTRALIA… hmmm.

also, they don’t partner with Nordstrom Rack…

what good merchants are you kids finding?


Is Krisflyer part of the Cartera network?


KrisFlyer points expire after 36 months you earn them regardless of activity. So only do this “deal” if you know you will have use for them.

Mark B


To join, you must be a KrisFlyer member living in Singapore during the entry period

Gotta be residing in Singapore. Not sure if they verify this, but I’m not gonna bother.


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