How to get Hyatt Diamond benefits without status

Last year I decided not to mattress run to keep my Hyatt Diamond status.  It was a tough decision: Hyatt Diamond status is awesome.  But, I was simply too far from re-qualifying.  Then, a very lucky thing happened.  In November of last year, Hyatt briefly offered a Diamond status match to anyone with mid or top tier status in a competing chain.  I didn’t think I would qualify since I had Hyatt Diamond status at the time, so my wife submitted a match request instead.  And, soon enough, she turned Diamond.  Hyatt quickly changed the terms of the match to only give Diamond status to those with SPG Platinum status, but luckily for us (and many others), they did not withdraw the matches already given.  And so, throughout this year, we’ve booked all of our Hyatt stays from my wife’s Diamond account and have greatly enjoyed the perks that come with it.

Hyatt Diamond requirements

To earn or requalify for Hyatt Diamond status, you must complete 25 paid stays or 50 paid nights.  Points + Cash stays count.  Award stays (stays booked entirely with points) do not count.

Not gonna make it

Even though we’ve enjoyed a number of Hyatt stays this year, my wife is still nowhere close to re-qualifying for Diamond status.  What to do?  We can wait and hope for another (unlikely) generous status match.  Or, in 2017 Hyatt might offer a new Diamond Fast Track challenge like the one that was available until April 30th 2016.  That would give me Diamond status after only 12 qualifying nights within 60 days.  Or, we can find ways to enjoy Diamond benefits without Diamond status…

Diamond benefits

Here are my favorite Hyatt Diamond benefits, along with Hyatt’s description of each:

  • Club Lounge / Full Breakfast: “Receive exclusive access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge featuring complimentary continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy daily complimentary full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge.”
    Hyatt Diamond benefits without status
  • Suite upgrade: “Treat yourself to a suite upgrade at the time of reservation four times annually on eligible paid nights.”
    Hyatt Diamond benefits without status
  • Welcome gift: “Receive a special welcome point bonus or food and beverage amenity during each stay. Welcome amenity consists of the following: at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt properties in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or Food and Beverage option; at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt properties outside of U.S., Canada and Caribbean; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or a Food and Beverage amenity will be provided; at Andaz hotels worldwide; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or a locally inspired amenity; at Hyatt Zilara and Hyatt Ziva hotels worldwide 1,000 bonus points will be awarded; at Hyatt Place a choice of 500 bonus points or a complimentary beverage; at Hyatt House properties a choice of 500 bonus points or $5 credit in the Guest Market; at Hyatt Residence Club Resorts 500 bonus points will be awarded.”
  • 4pm late checkout: “Extend your stay until 4:00 p.m. with a late check out request. Subject to availability at Hyatt resorts and casinos. Not available at Hyatt Residence Club resorts.”

Hyatt Diamond benefits without status

With Hyatt, it is possible to forgo Diamond status altogether and still get the benefits that Diamond elites enjoy.  Here’s how…

Guest of Honor

The best way to get Diamond benefits without status is to take advantage of Hyatt’s Guest of Honor program.  If you have a friend with Hyatt Diamond status they can book an award stay for you via Hyatt’s Guest of Honor program and you’ll receive all of the benefits of Diamond status during your stay.

Hyatt Guest of Honor

A downside to this approach is that the points will come out of your friend’s Hyatt account.  While that could be great for you, there’s a good chance that your friend won’t like it.  Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.  Unlike most other points programs, Hyatt lets members transfer points to others, for free.  All you have to do is fill out Hyatt’s Point Combining Request Form (found here) and email it to  There is a slight restriction: you can only transfer or receive points once every 30 days, so plan accordingly.

The only major benefit that this approach doesn’t give you is the ability to apply a suite upgrade certificate.  If a suite is important to you, then have your Diamond friend book a suite award for you.  Suite awards cost 60% more points than standard room awards (found here).

Other Options

If you don’t have a friend with Diamond status, or you don’t have enough points to book a full award stay, there are other options for getting Diamond-like benefits:

Club Lounge Access

If your primary goal is to get club lounge access, there are a couple of easy options:

  • Book a Club award stay.  You can find the award chart here.
  • Book a paid stay and use points to upgrade.  Hyatt charges 3000 points per night to add club access to your paid stay.

Suite Stay

If you want to stay in a suite, your options include:

  • Book a Suite award stay.  You can find the award chart here.  Hyatt’s suite award stays require a minimum of a 3 night stay.
  • Book a paid stay and use points to upgrade.  Hyatt charges 6000 points per night to upgrade your paid stay to a suite.

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One more trick. If someone has a Hyatt card free night cert, and you call to book, and ask the rep to put in YOUR Diamond number into the reservation you then get your Diamond perks on the free night. However, suite UG certs do not work on these (but you can pay to UG).


I’m staying at the Park Hyatt in New York City in August with the free two nights certificates from the chase Hyatt card. I don’t have Diamond status. Is there anyway I can get a suite? I’m already booked for the rooms, but would love the upgrade as it’s my wife’s birthday. Thanks for any tips!

Richard H

Even if you did have Diamond status, those free Chase nights are for standard rooms only and cannot be upgraded.


You can always contact the hotel and ask if there is any way you could secure some extra space. They’ll probably give you an offer for upgrading to a suite with cash.


I can see someone starting a Hyatt diamond stay booking service – great post


Hello FrequentMiler,
Would my Diamond benefits be extended to my friends reservation if the stay is after my status ends?
Thanks for all you do!

Susan Mackley

Thanks, Greg! Great post!


I am really going to miss my diamond status next year. It has been the single best status I have ever had in a travel program.

FrequentMiler: I enjoyed your picture of the diplomatic suite – that brings back some good memories of our trip to Santiago. That hotel is a great value for a category 2. 8k points is a no brainer if you are going to be in Santiago. Did you book a room with the amex platinum *deal* last year? I don’t think I will ever beat that…$7 a night for the diplomatic.


I’ve made reservations for my adult kids from my Hyatt account and asked for Guest of Honor status for them. It is hit or miss whether the hotel gives them the benefits or not. There is NO guarantee that each Hyatt will honor Guest of Honor.


Interesting. I have no friends with Diamond besides my faux Twitter ones. Lol


[…] How to get Hyatt Diamond benefit status without status. Good summary. I keep forgetting about the “Guest of Honor” option. […]


Can this be done with a points and cash booking too?


Click bait


Just a question regarding this promo,

My friend has a Chase Hyatt card and the Platinum status that comes with it. I have Hyatt Diamond status. I have heard of the “Guest of Honour” promotion as well..

My question is that I want to book some nights for myself (I have diamond) but want to buy some points to book these (cash + points) and also take advantage of the 10% back promo that you have linked to.. What is the best way of doing this to ensure I also get the Diamond benefits? Is this even possible?

I am a newbie to Hyatt so don’t know too much about how the program works. If I ask my friend to buy the points and book for me so we can take advantage of the 10% promo, will I get the Diamond benefits as the booking will be using his account?

Thanks for any responses!


I have an upcoming stay at The Driskill otel in Austin. I am paying cash and booked it using the Federal Government rate. I am interested in upgrading to get Club Lounge access for 3000 Hyatt points per night but would like to see if I get complimentary upgrade first.

Is the 3K upgrade something I can ask for at check in? Or do I have to arrange it ahead of time? Does that fact that I am getting the room at a discount factor at all into understanding my options?



Great article!! So are you saying if you book a full suite either paid or award stay you get some diamond perks?


A lot of times a suite will include access to the lounge. It would usually say that in the room description. Otherwise, you could always email the hotel and ask them if lounge access would come with a suite.


[…] Hyatt, all you need are a bunch of points and a friend with Hyatt Diamond status in order to enjoy top tier….  With SPG, there’s no similar silver bullet.  Instead, we’ll identify other ways to obtain […]


Would anyone be willing to share their hyatt diamond status?

I’ve booked guest of honor before and it works if you add your name as well as the person’s name to the reservation and then call the diamond line for verbal confirmation as to your stay and how it was booked.


[…] The new program continues to allow members to combine points, and they continue to allow top tier elites to make “Guest of Honor” reservations.  These are the two ingredients necessary for getting Hyatt Diamond Globalist benefits without status. […]


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[…] If we stay at a Hyatt that does not have a club lounge and does not automatically offer free breakfast, we would want to do a Guest of Honor stay.  That is, we’d find a friend with Globalist status to book the room for us, so that we could enjoy top-end elite benefits even though we wouldn’t have that status ourselves.  See: How to get Hyatt Diamond benefits without status. […]


[…] written about this benefit before: How to get Hyatt Diamond benefits without status.  When I had top tier status, I even booked a few awards for friends using this benefit.  But I […]