eBay Gift Card Roundup + Targeted 4X (8%) eBay Bucks

ebay gift card roundup

Several sellers have gift card deals on eBay today. In addition to the discount off of face value you should earn:

  • 2%-8% in eBay Bucks – Some members have an offer giving up to 8% today.
  • 1.3% through iConsumer (up to $20 per month) or 1.2% through Giving Assistant
  • Purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts made with a Chase Ink card through PayPal have been known to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points.

Noteworthy Cards

There are several cards on sale, but here are the standouts:

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
iConsumerWe'll each earn 100 shares of iConsumer stock if you use this link to sign up.In my experience, this has proven to be a reliable portal. With this portal you earn both cash back and shares in the iConsumer business. Requires $25 payable before they'll pay out.

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It’s a miracle anybody can buy anything with Paypal’s stupid verification a dozen times that only works half the time. When I change payment to my CC it asks me to verify again. Last time this happened it changed my payment method to bank account and submitted the order without my permission. Then I had to call PP and talk to supervisors several times so they would reimburse me for the NSF my bank charged. So now I’m not completing the purchase. Hope you’re happy PP.