Make a ~$50 Profit after Rebate by Stacking Staples Offers

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Earlier today I covered Staples Visa Checkout deal. This can combine with the recent Amex Offer for more savings.

Currently Staples is offering Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 for $45.01 – $45 rebate with a limit of 3 rebates. By utilizing this promotion it is possible to earn up to a $50 profit.

  1. Start through a portal. Upromise for example is paying 5%.
  2. Buy 3 of the software packages. Your total will be $135.03.
  3. Checkout through Visa Checkout and pay with an Amex card that is linked to the Amex Offer. (You can add the Amex card to your Visa Checkout account.)
  4. Submit your rebate online.

Here is how the math works out:

  • Cost: -$135.03
  • Visa Checkout Discount: $+25
  • Amount charged to Amex: $-110.03
  • Amex Offer Credit: $+20
  • New Cost: -$90.03
  • Rebate: $+135
  • Portal cashback: +$5.50
  • Final profit: +$50.47 & credit card rewards

Staples charges tax for downloads in some states. If they are charging tax consider changing your shipping address to a tax free state or adjust the math as needed.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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Staples T&C exclude promotional products. Is the Kaspersky software that costs 1 cent after Staples coupon and rebate considered a promotional product?


Just realized Staples captures Visa Checkout billing address. Am I going to have a problem with the rebates if I used multiple Staples accounts but same billing address on two?


Believe me, I LOVE this blog, but I am kind of disappointed how much this ripped off the DOC post. Similar format, similar “math”

I guess I don’t understand blogger culture, but I’d be mad if I created original content and then saw it lifted with a “HT”


How to use amex card in visa checkout? It doesn’t take amex i. Visa checkout




I thought Visa Checkout discounts should show up in the Staples total. Is that not the case?


Already out of stock. what a gyp.


Do you submit the rebate three separate times? I filled out the online easy rebate form, but today it only shows $45 due back?


Don’t hold your breath waiting for the rebates.