Target $10 gift card for $5 via Groupon

If you get an error stating that this offer is invitation-only, try again in Private/Incognito mode. You may then have to create a new Groupon account to complete the purchase.
Target 5 for 10

Limit 1 per customer.

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Says invitation only, and cannot buy. Bummer


So are you going through the portal, then pasting that link in? That doesn’t invalidate the portal? I’m targeted, but outside of directly clicking the link in the original email I haven’t been able to get it show up. Was hoping to check out using Discover.


Nope. Tried incognito mode, but as soon as I logged into my Groupon account, I got the “by invitation only” error message.


I do think you have to be targeted, the link is only good if you got an email.. so that’d be one way to check (esp. if you got multiple groupon accounts)


I got by the “invitation error” only email by switching accounts, and completed the purchase, BUT I got an email only a few minutes after saying they could not process my order.


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Worked great, just signed up and got it. Thanks


Ok I’ll say it – this feels like fraud. – If the offer is by invitation only, these machinations by design are to get something not intended to be given to you. For $5? Nope, I’d rather steal paper clips from the office.


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