Ebates Triple Cash Back Week – up to 24% cash back

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Ebates is offering up to triple cash back this week at select retailers.  Some payouts are quite good while others are average. It’s always smart to check the current rates at Cashbackmonitor.com.  For example, 9% at Kohl’s looks pretty good.  It’s not the highest historical rate, but it is only the second time in 2017 that the rate has exceeded 6%.


One retailer that could potentially be interesting is Spring.  Ebates is offering 24% cash back at Spring.  Spring sells a very wide range of merchandise.  While portals often exclude payouts on items such as Apple products, there does not appear to be an exclusion listed for Spring.  I have not purchased from Spring before, but they appear to sell Macbooks, iPads, DSLRs and a variety of other rarely-discounted products. Be cautious — these items may in fact be excluded from cash back.  There is also a coupon listed on Ebates for 10% off for first-time customers.  I have not tested exclusions on the coupon.




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Bought a boarding bag from eBags for 18% cash back plus AMEX offer 15 back for 75. Hope it sticks. Thanks Nick!


you’ll be fine. separate platforms


Hmm, yeah, was tempted to buy some pricey electronics from Spring, but this caveat on ebates is putting me off:

“Note that store exceptions change regularly and Ebates reserves the right to cancel or delay cash back payments when affiliated stores alter their policies or refuse to pay Ebates a commission.”

And my assumption is that I wouldn’t learn for sure whether ebates would pay out until after the store return window had passed (and anything over $500 wouldn’t be covered by Return Assurance, either).

Bummer. It’s one of those “awesome if it works out, but really a bummer if it doesn’t” kinda things.