IHG Rewards Club members save on gas with Shell Fuel Rewards

IHG Fuel Rewards

IHG has announced an interesting new partnership with Shell Fuel Rewards that enables IHG elite members to save some extra money on gas.  Savings will depend on your status.  Remember that holders of the IHG Rewards Mastercard enjoy automatic Platinum status.  Gas savings for IHG members will be as follows:       

  • 5 cents per gallon everyday savings for Club (no status) and Gold Elite members (minimum 10 nights or 10,000 qualifying points in a calendar year)
  • 6 cents per gallon everyday savings for Platinum Elite members (40 nights or 40,000 qualifying points or IHG Rewards Mastercard holders)
  • 7 cents per gallon everyday savings for Spire Elite members (75 nights or 75,000 qualifying points)

Note that these numbers represent total savings and are not in addition to the 3 cents per gallon you can save every day as a member of Shell Fuel Rewards. We have written in the past about opportunities to stack Shell Fuel Rewards savings with a variety of shopping deals. You can link credit cards to your Fuel Rewards account and earn additional discounts on gas automatically with purchases at various restaurants and websites as well as with other featured offers.

IHG Members can enroll and link accounts with Shell Fuel Rewards here.



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If you’re willing to pay 20c to 40c more per gallon for Shell (or any other big name brand) …


Actually the couple of shells by my home are the cheapest gas vs the competitors at $2.05. This 6c off, plus the Blue Cash Preferred’s 3% cash back put me at about 1.93 per gallon, every gallon, which is pretty good considering the average alternative station cost in my area is $2.29.

The only time it gets better than that is when t-mobile tuesday app gives out the free 25c off per gallon code.

Tin Squid

As someone who lives on Nantucket and paid $3.72/gal yesterday for regular gas I’ll take any discount I can find. Shell is the only choice on the island.


Read the fine print on the offer. If you understand it, you’re doing better than me!


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