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Protea Hotel Stellenbosch Dorpshuis & Spa

Protea Hotel Stellenbosch Dorpshuis & Spa — moving from Category 1 to Category 2

A quick reminder that Marriott and Starwood’s category changes go into effect at midnight hotel time tonight.  Some parts of the world have already passed midnight and are into March 7th. As such, hotels in those time zones should have switched categories (or will shortly).

Recently, I reviewed the Protea Hotel Stellenbosch Dorpshuis & Spa outside of Capetown, South Africa (pictured above).  That hotels is moving from Category 1 (7,500 points per night) to Category 2 (10,000 points per night) as of 5pm Eastern time (midnight local time).

Mommy Points has a list of some properties to book today, or you can view the entire lists of properties changing categories here:

Marriott Properties Changing Category

Starwood Properties Changing Category

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