Staples leaves Five Back Visa Gift Card program unannounced

Five Back Visa Gift Card

The Five Back Visa Gift Card features an interesting benefit that Frequent Miler has previously covered: the ability to earn 5% back at a variety of different merchants such as Nike, Bed Bath & Beyond, JCPenney, GAP, etc. You can see the full list here. You simply use your Five Back Visa Gift Card at one of these merchants. Then, several days after your purchase, your gift card will be credited with 5% back provided you used it at one of the listed merchants.

Unfortunately, according to this Flyertalk comment, Staples has been removed from the Five Back program as of April 26th.

The Deal

  • Five Back Gift cards are no longer paying 5% back at Staples

Key Details

  • Change is reported to be from April 26th (already ended)

Quick Thoughts

This isn’t the first store we have seen abruptly removed — CVS withdrew from the program several months ago, though they did give some advance notice of that change.

This is a disappointing change, but those with a credit card that earns 5X at office supply stores would probably find it easier (and potentially more rewarding) to use a credit card at Staples. Moving forward, keep in mind that the list of merchants at which you can earn 5X is subject to change — and it seems that change may happen without notice.

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Staples is still listed as a partner on the five back website.

Guest is only selling $75 fiveback cards rendering that deal dead. Also my Staples didn’t allow you to use gift cards to buy gift cards.


there is a way to get $500 5B from GCM by mingling with the request. Just use your favorite interceptor. I bought 5k last week all got delivered today!

Dave C

A moot point though now, right?


Would like to know some more details, please?!


Good for you. Now you have nowhere to use them to get 5 back – at least not without a ton of hassle…


[…] Staples leaves Five Back Visa Gift Card program unannounced by Frequent Miler. And another one bites the dust, looks like this five back program is going to be a failure. […]


If you bought FiveBacks from, say, Office Depot, you could get rid of them online at — like by buying $300 Visa gift cards. It was a modest deal. Undoubtedly, a few people were doing it in such large numbers that Staples noticed.


Not true. I did Staples in store on April 29, posted on April 30. Got the 5% back on May 1.


Does anyone know what the hard cut off date was. I did a purchases at Staples – Fri and Sat.


Guys – don’t your favorite Home Improvement center beginning with L, who remains a 5 back partner, sells Style Everywhere vgc’s that can be easily liquidated at Wally’s!! All I ask is that u leave me a few on the rack! It’s just a profitable as $300 vgcs was at Staples, as the fee is only 4.95.


[…] Staples withdrew from the 5 Back Visa program effective April 26 2017. […]