Update: Maldives ERROR FARE works RT and to many more cities

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A little while ago, we posted a price mistake fare from the Maldives to New York City on Emirates for $101 one-way. We also noted that you could do a stopover in Dubai for a total of $124 one-way. It turns out you could fly round trip from the Maldives to New York for $142. Secret Flying is also reporting similarly cheap one-way fares to many other US and European cities for a hundred and change dollars. Again, I give this fare a low probability of being honored. That said, Etihad honored a fare of $187 RT from NY to Abu Dhabi a couple of years ago (I got in on that one), so it’s not impossible that this gets honored.

Here is round trip from the Maldives to New York for $142 (see the earlier deal for one-way and stopovers):

More Cities One-way

The fare works to many cities in Europe. Here is the Maldives to Geneva, Stockholm, and Vienna (click the pic to go to Google Flights):

Here is Frankfurt and Manchester (some dates also work to Paris for a bit more):

Tampa, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Detroit:

Again, hold off on plans

As I said earlier, hold off on making plans — they may not honor these flights. However, it might be worth a gamble to take a shot. Also remember that you should be able to cancel for 24 hours if booking through an online travel agency. Best of luck!


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[…] This error fare also works round trip and to many other cities. See our update post for more US and European […]


Lets say they honor these fares..

What happens to the reservation when I check in, but don’t actually fly from MLE to JFK? Would they still let me fly my “return” from JFK to MLE?


Too bad the fare is only for the monsoon season.


Then it works out well. The people who live and work in the Maldives can come visit NYC and avoid the monsoons at home..

How nice of Emirates. Kudos!


New York/Phily/Fort Lauderdale/New Orleans/Detroit/Tampa/charlotte/Austin/Las Vegas/Atlanta/Denver/Buffalo/Rochester
Destination that needs skipped
SEA if skipping when searching DEN or LAS
SFO if skipping last segment when searching LAS
BOS if skipping when search DEN or LAS or ATL


Looks like it’s dead.


If they do cancel the flight, how soon would we be notified? And similarly, how long should we wait to make further plans?


Nobody knows

And nobody knows


They have just canceled it

Joshua Hauptman

Not working anymore anyway…


Emirates just cancelled my flights. =(


Emirates has now canceled all flights


[…] night, we posted an incredible mistake fare from the Maldives to New York for just $101 one-way or $142 round trip. You could fly with stopovers for a bit more or to many European destinations for about $65. The […]


Cancelled 🙁
Too good to be true.


[…] the fare worked round trip to New York for just $142 and also to many additional cities, so we posted an update. In our subsequent post asking “Will Emirates Honor the Maldives mistake fare?“, I said […]


[…] that was massively discounted, we instantly bought a quick deal out. We later up to date you with more cities. I by no means anticipated this one to be honored — however many readers bought a pleasant shock […]