Almost unlimited 3X if you can find it: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge drops to $199

We’ve recently posted a number of great clearance deals on Samsung phones at Walmart. Yesterday, we posted about the Samsung Galaxy S6 available at $149 at some stores. A few days before we had posted about the Galaxy Note 5 for $199 and the Galaxy S7 Edge for $399. All of these phones qualify for Samsung Pay, which is a mobile wallet that works with the vast majority of payment terminals (even at places that don’t say that they accept mobile wallets) — meaning that you can get 3X almost everywhere with the US Bank Altitude Reserve. Well, thanks to reader Chris for bringing it to our attention that the price on the Galaxy S7 Edge has dropped to just $199.

While many stores are sold out, I did find availability in a number of places with a quick search:

See our previous posts linked at the top for more information on finding these clearance deals and on understanding the Brickseek links below (in summary: the stock numbers aren’t always accurate and some stores may not be willing to sell the phones or unsure of how to ring them up — it’s not worth a trip out of your way to find these, but if you’re near a store it may be worth popping in to see if they have the stock it shows).

Links to check the inventory at your local stores:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935V Black $199…=178779831

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935A 32GB Black $199…=106810943

A couple of readers have reported difficulty in getting the Galaxy S6 phones at stores with inventory — others have been able to get them successfully. Again, YMMV. Thanks again to Chris for the heads up!

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Bad reports on the Altitude card and people getting shut down (all their US Bank cards because of the overzealous department going after those they think are buying a few gift cards even with normal shopping. They sure are killing their new card and all their marketing. They’re hurting their reputation and some are now not using any of their cards for normal spending. DOC has a write up on the bad effects. This was not the card people were hoping for. High fee and high spend limit just to get the smaller bonus compared to fee.


Walmart does not accept Samsung Pay…at least my Walmart. They told me Walmart Pay only. Is there a way around this that you know of?


They dont use nfc but MST might work haven’t tried that. Walmart pay is qr code but works pretty well.


I got SP to work on my WM after 3 tries.

Everytime I use it at WM, its at least 2 or 3 times before it gets accepted.


[…] Almost unlimited 3X if you can find it: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge drops to $199 These Walmart phone clearances are likely getting harder to find, but I did see a number of stores still appeared to have this in stock. At $199, it’s well worth the price tag if you can find one available. […]


how are you making your search pick up walmarts so far away 58m etc.? My search doesn’t go any further than 3 walmarts that are closest to me.


So after searching the Walmarts in the Chicago area found one that had inventory about 30 minutes away. Called first, they had the Edge 7 in inventory. Great. Drove down, ask the clerk for the phone. He has them, he said, but can’t sell them. Apparently Walmarts need a special computer system to sell non prepaid phones and this Walmart didn’t have it. Nothing he could do. He actually showed me the phone.

So be careful when checking inventory online. The stores that show they have it in stock may not be able to sell it.


Also found some inventory in a store nearby. I called to confirm availability and was told that they can not sell the phone at this time (at any price) because the $199 price was a mistake made a corporate.


Rule #1 of price mistakes is DON’T CALL. You alert the employee to the deal and they will almost 100% of the time either tell you they don’t have any or make up some story of why they cannot sell it because they are going to buy it themselves once their shift is over.


So this is a pricing issue that likely wil be fixed? Can anybody verify? I’m travling tmw and will be near a store.that says it has stock. I’m guessing I should try and buy one?
If it comes up full price just say” I thought it was cheaper than that and no thank you”?