Disney attacks Disney hacks

In my 2015 post “Hacking Walt Disney World,” I passed along a number of Disney tricks that had been shared with me.  Among those tricks was a way to get extra magic bands so that you can get more than your fair share of FastPasses (for avoiding long lines).

Photo taken in 2003 (long before magic bands).  From left to right: Tigger, Greg’s son, Greg (well before becoming the Frequent Miler)

Now, WDW News Today reports that, as of June 7th, Disney is automatically locking accounts that attempt to cheat the FastPass System.  They report the following details:

…any guest who uses a FastPass under tickets not used for that day’s theme park admission will have their associated MyDisneyExperience account and the ability to book any further FastPasses locked at the end of that day. The system will apparently run through all accounts to find any culprits overnight, and then lock the account should it find a FastPass was booked illegitimately. Guests with these infractions will have to visit guest relations in order to unlock their accounts. Guest relations will only unlock the accounts if the act was deemed to not be malicious.

I recently visited Epcot to celebrate a family member’s birthday and I did make use of some of the great tips in our “Hacking Walt Disney World” post, but I stopped short of getting extra bands.  While in some sense, all of the hacks may be ethically wrong, that one felt more so.  Apparently someone at Disney agreed.

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[…] UPDATE 6/9/2017: It looks like Disney may be checking for this hack and shutting down accounts that do it. Please see: Disney attacks Disney hacks. […]



Visited last year, but did not use that hack for the ethical reason. Worst vacation ever as Disney sells way too many tickets for each day, and locks out those not staying on site since you cannot reserve as early. Swore it’s never give then another dime.


LOL at going to Disney.

Finance patriot

If you FI in early December, the parks are fantastic.


Good. This was hack was selfish. A “hacker” getting extra fast passes for their family using this method means another family didn’t get a fast pass for that attraction… for what could have been the one and only trip to WDW they will ever be able to take.


I’d be interested to know from your source, Greg, on whether this is actaully happening, or if it’s just a ‘set an example’ publicity drive whether concocted by Disney or by aggrieved fans. I have heard no verifiable reports of people’s accounts being locked, and I am not sure the articles cited are particularly reliable.


Does anyone have any proof that expired cards or bands don’t work for extra fast passes as of now?


Does anyone know of the crackdown on the Fastpass Hack actually happening? Other than the flurry of messages over a few days/weeks that it was going to happen, I have yet to read anywhere of it actually happening…