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14 Comments on "I see better-than-advertised offers… [Targeted]"

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Any luck with a higher than 20k bonus on the Blue Plus?

I’m holding off on pulling the trigger due to once per lifetime. I know it’s probably highly unlikely.


Did you get these by using the “Check for Offers” option where you put in information for pre-qualified offers, or just by browsing to the main card offers page?
I see the Blue Cash offer(s) when I’m on a new browser I haven’t used before and just browsing the website, but when I put in my information in the pre-qualified checker I also see an offer for the Premier Rewards Gold with 50k after 1k in spend. That appears to be better than what you’re showing above so I guess that’s a good deal right?

Michael Karpiel

My wife had an upgrade offer on the AX Hilton card to the Surpass card with 75K points after $3K spend in 3 months. I did not have the same offer. We took it since our Citi Hilton card goes away at the end of the year. I keep on checking but the offer has not shown up on my card in 10 days


Not seeing any for me, unfortunately. Luckily have had ample opportunities to see similar offers in incognito.

Norman Cabanilla


I also got the offer for the Amex PRG card (50K for $2k spend). However, i have had this card in the past.

Reading the fine print, i did not see any language excluding those who had the card before from getting the bonus (i compared it with the Amex Platinum application which did have the language).

Have you heard of anybody successfully getting the sign-up bonus more than once on these AMEX charge cards?


I noticed that on mine also…



I’ve reccomended this to people already to atleast try it because my rate was 100% after getting frustrated trying so hard to grab 100k Plat offers or even 75k. Grab a free trial of a VPN, I used VyperVPN and then go ahead and transfer your IP to like Chicago, clear cookies, then search for the Offers. I’ve pulled up 30k SPG, 50k PRG, 75k Plat everytime.


When I logged into my amex account, I saw a targeted SPG offer for 30k points after 3k spend. However, I am under 5/24 for Chase so won’t be taking advantage of this.

I may sign up for the SPG biz though, although I did not have an enhanced offer for that card, sadly.


When I logged-in yesterday, I was targeted with an offer to upgrade my Amex PRG card to a Platinum Personal card for 60k MR points (for $5k spend in 3months, with pro-rating of the $195 annual fee already paid on my PRG back in March). I have already used my annual $100 airline fee credit with the PRG.

I then did a Chrome incognito browser search on AMEX website and immediately saw a public offer of 75k MR points Platinum Personal card sign-up offer (for $5k spend in 3months).

I chose the public offer because I haven’t seen a 100k MR offer on the personal Platinum Card in forever. No way I can swing the $20k spend requirement on the business version of the card.

But I can swing $5k of spend, and all on immediate-future airfare, so in effect my sign-up bonus will be 100k because of the 5x MR points on airfare.


[…] most were at or near historic best offers!).  Nick wrote about this phenomenon a week ago (see: I see better-than-advertised offers… [Targeted]), but in his case he found this in a browser that he had recently used to log into his Amex […]