Citi Prestige new benefits confirmed

Citi Prestige 4th Night Free

The new details of the Citi Prestige card have been confirmed, and they include several of the previously-rumored changes as well as two additional changes not previously known. The Points Guy is reporting that the new benefits of the Citi Prestige card include:

  • New card will be metal
  • Shoprunner membership will be included
  • Citi Thank You points will be worth 1c each towards cash or gift card redemptions
  • Citi Thank You points can be used towards the 4th night free benefit
  • You will now be able to book the 4th night free online! (through the ThankYou center, the 4th night free will be shown as a discount at checkout rather than as a statement credit after your stay)
  • There will be a limited-time 75,000 point sign up bonus (starts July 23rd)

As you can see, most of the details closely match what we previously reported, with those final two bold points being news. Is it enough to keep the Prestige card relevant in an increasingly competitive premium card market? More thoughts to come . . .

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I got the prestige card when it first came out. I cancelled it 4 months ago. Will I be able to read apply and get the 75k points?


Nope. 24 month timer after you closed the previous acct


I opened prestige 2 years ago, can I apply again and get the points?


Sounds like this card has likely been ruined by online 4th night free booking “enhancement.” I am willing to bet that this marks the end of being able to book corporate rates, etc. and get 4th night free and get elite credits. Oh well. It was too good to last. Guess I better hurry and book as many stays as possible in the next week.


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My wife and I will be our cancelling cards. The golf benefit was our hot button. Now it’s gone


I’m not sure I understand what this “can get 4th night with Thank You pints” mean. Does this mean I will be able to redeem my Thank You points for 4 nights stay at a hotel and the 4th night will not cost me any points?


Changes are about putting more money in citi’s pocket, nothing of value to current card holders. Just cancelled wife’s card a few days ago. They threw out a couple retention offers, but said no thanks. Told them this is not the same card we signed up for, too many negative changes but they still want their $450 annual fee. I’ve used the fourth night free many times on my card, always had good experiences booking with their travel reps. Sometimes they did’not always see the lowest rate I was quoting them, but they always did some digging and eventually got me the best rate. If I lose the ability to talk to a rep and get the best rate, that changes things. And 1 cent per point on redemptions, can do much better than that with my CSR. I have a couple 4th night free stays booked, but when their done I probably ditch my card too before the next annual fee hits.


Thank you, again for a very thoughtful analysis.Have read blogs for a while and you are “wise beyond your age.” 🙂
Not sure that I can justify the huge annual fee any more.
Have literally held at least 1 Citicard for over 30 years. An important variable for me is that I have recently found the customer service with Citicards to be extremely patchy. A few helpful reps. I’ve never “HUCA’d” as much with any other Credit Card issuer.
The website does not show you which transactions are linked to which points earning, among other problems. Not sure I trust the website with the 4th night.


Doctor of Credit explicitly says in his latest post on the subject calling the concierge to book the 4th night hotel will still be possible. So hopefully he’s correct. But it’s unclear whether or not they’ll be using the same booking method if you call which would be very bad . Any loss to status credit or special rates is a major loss. Just in case I’ll be making my ressies in the next week.


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Big question that no one has really raised on any of the points sites I go to.
Now that you book the hotel reservation online through Citi’s portal, do you still earn stay credits and points through that hotel’s award program?? Under Citi’s old model where you’d call in, you would get stay credits and hotel points for ALL 4 nights, then Citi would credit you back later on your statement for the 4th night.
However now, Citi makes you use their booking portal. Does that mean that you no longer will earn hotel points and stay credits?
And if so, since they’re now crediting you for the 4th night at checkout, does that mean that you only earn hotel points and stay credits for 3 nights instead of 4??
I feel like these could really be the difference between keeping/applying for the card and not..


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