$10 off on Five Back Visas at Safeway/Vons/Randall’s/Albertson’s/etc.

Safeway, Vons, and associated supermarket chains (Randall’s, Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, ACME) are offering $10 off of $150 or more in Five Back Visa Gift Cards through their Just for U rewards program.

The Deal

  • Get $10 off of $150 or more in Five Back Visa Gift Cards through the Just for U rewards program through various supermarkets
  • Link to the coupon

Key Terms

  • Valid for one-time use only
  • Load coupon by 9/23/17 and use by 9/30/17

Five Back Visa Gift Card

Quick Thoughts

Decent deal for scoring some points/miles at a negative cost. As these cards have an activation fee of $6.95, there is a $3 profit over the cost of activation. You can load up to $200. Five Back Visa gift cards earn 5% cash back when used at certain merchants (see the full list at the Five Back Visa Gift Card website). If you then also used the card at a merchant where you can earn 5% back, you would end up getting $210 in value out of the Visa Gift Card, plus rewards on the $206.95 purchase cost. As with the current deal for 4X fuel points at Kroger, be sure to use a card that earns a good category bonus at grocery stores.

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A. Nonymous

I did this deal earlier this morning.

On top of all the savings and points mentioned above, Safeway gives 2x gas rewards points on all gift cards, so the $150 card purchase generated 300 gas points. That’s worth 30 cents a gallon, valid on up to 25 gallons at a fill-up, or $7.50.


I never get points at safeway for gift card purchases, what gift cards did you buy

A. Nonymous

I bought the Five Back Visa which is the subject of this article..

Maybe Safeway’s policy varies by region. I’m in AZ.

No Gas Here

NO Gas points at Jewel in Chicago area.


Sorry for this basic question but how does the Safeway gas program work? How do you know how many points you have accumulated?

A. Nonymous

You have to join the Safeway Just4U program. They give you all sorts of “personalized” discounts on groceries and other things, and for every $100 you spend you get 100 gas points, which you can redeem for a 10 cent discount on gas at Safeway gas stations and some Chevron stations. It varies.by region.

To sign up, just go to their web site or go to the service desk at the store. Their computer tracks how many points you have accumulated and it prints on every receipt.


There is an app which shows you points and lets you load coupons. Can also check the Website. Need to use your card or phone number at checkout. They have decent grocery spending discounts as well (10-30% off). They give double points on gift cards (sometimes more).
The gas stations where you redeem points are different around the country.

James H

Safeways I go to only take cash for GCs. :/
I thought Safeway limits 20 cent/gallon redemption unless their pumps.

A. Nonymous

It may be different around the country. My local Safeway allows up to $1.00 off per gallon, on up to 25 gallons per fill-up. This is at the Safeway brand gas station.

ken r east

Safeway is obviously clearing their warehouses of these card whose value to us ms’rs got gutted once sears, then staples, then lowes, then bed bath and beyond all dropped the 5% credit.

Those idiots should have made it limitless coupon use rather than 1 per account, even though my family has multiple accounts, hint, hint!

Ill be doing the deal but its gonna take a lot of clicking to load the coupons.


can this be used to load into bluebird at Walmart?