[Expired] Last call for Citi Hilton product changes?

Update: Product changes are dead.

Doctor of Credit is reporting a rumor that tomorrow may be the last day to product change a Citi Hilton card to something else within the Citi portfolio.

Citi Hilton Reserve

As you may recall, it was announced a few months ago that Amex will be the sole issuer of Hilton cards beginning in January 2018. As of now, it’s been unclear what that would mean for current Citi Hilton cardholders. There has been speculation that Amex may be purchasing Citi’s portfolio on this one, meaning that Citi Hilton cards could become Amex cards. A Doctor of Credit reader reports that they were told today that they could consider a product change to a different Citi product, but Citi would have to know “by tomorrow at the latest”.

While this is unsubstantiated at the moment, it jives well with other recent gossip. Doctor of Credit reported an interesting bit last week about an Amex email referring to an “Ascend” card rather than a “Surpass” card. Finally, when we consider the rumblings that there will be an Amex announcement on October 5th (I believe first discussed in our Frequent Miler Insiders group), the timing seems to be either an incredible coincidence or an indicator that Doc may be on to something.

At least one person commenting on the Doctor of Credit post reports being told by a customer service rep and supervisor that no product changes or credit limit shifts have been allowed at Citi since September, but the reader report referred to in the Doctor of Credit post suggests otherwise. YMMV. It may be worth a HUCA attempt or two (hang up, call back) if you want a product change.

What am I going to do? I’m not sure.

I’ve personally been hanging on to my Citi Hilton Reserve because I intended to hit the $10K spend for a free weekend night (not yet completed) and I wanted to see what happened with these cards over the coming months. However, the rumors percolating have me considering whether I might want to product change while I still can as I am not particularly interested in having an extra Hilton card taking up an Amex credit card slot (I also currently have the Surpass, which I intended to downgrade before the announcement that the Citi card would be pulled).

Bottom line

We don’t know what’s going to happen with Citi Hilton cards for sure. We don’t know for sure that tomorrow is the last day to product change. However, this rumor seems at least somewhat plausible. Many readers likely opened Hilton cards before the application pages got pulled several months back. If you’re holding one or more Citi Hilton cards and you are interested in keeping a Citi product, you might want to consider a product change between now and tomorrow.

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I’ve got 3 Basic Citi Hiltons. Not going to product change in the hope that they will become basic Amex Hiltons. I already have 4 Amex credit cards so that would take me up to 7.

My hope is that I can upgrade them all to Surpass cards when the next round of upgrade offers comes around.

We’ll see if that works


Paint me as confused as well. As a result of the Doctor of Credit post, I spoke with Citi late this evening. A very articulate CSR told me that she has been told by her supervisor that Citi will be offering product changes before the end of the year and that they will work hard to keep our business. She also said they will be pushing cards that earn Thank You points, She further said that I could product change any time between now and the end of the year, but the hint was that waiting could result in possible bonus opportunities (which is what I took from the line that Citi will work hard to retain our business). Very interested in how this will come out.


No Hilton Cards on Citi’s website, there were there a few days ago I believe. I’ll roll the dice and get me back in Amex hopefully.


Just called Citi got an account manager who said the system would not allow her to change over either account.


just got off the phone w/ Citi (10/3 @ 6AM Eastern) and was told that they are not allowed to do product changes for the Hilton portfolio but will convert me to a “Diamond Preferred” card (ugh!) and that I can request a product change only after my account is converted


Just called and was informed that are not allowed to do product changes or convert to any Hilton cards. He mentioned getting a note yesterday informing them of this change. Guess I was too late


At first I was flatly denied. Then mentioned I don’t want to lose the Citi relationship, and was offered the diamond preferred, but I already have one.
Not sure what I’m going to do


Nick, you mention “I intended to hit the $10K spend for a free weekend night”. I am in the same boat. Both me and my wife are working to each make the $10k, to each get a free night on our anniversaries. How will that work though? We each got the card in June, so our anniversary is next June. If the card will not be around then, sounds like we won’t get the free night on our anniversary???