AirBnB gift card: $91 for $100 + 5x

PayPal Digital Gifts via eBay is offering a $100 AirBnB gift card for $91. Purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts have been known to code at 5x on Chase Ink Cash and Ink Plus cards. According to at least one report I’ve read, they may also code as 3X on the Ink Business Preferred, but YMMV.

The Deal

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice way to save a few bucks on an AirBnB stay. If you have a Chase Ink card that earns 5x with PayPal Digital Gifts, you’ll additionally earn 455 Ultimate Rewards points, worth another few bucks. Note that there were 2,000 gift cards available originally. At the time of writing, just over 900 remain. I would expect that this deal will sell out, so you’ll want to take advantage sooner rather than later if this one appeals to you.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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When I try to pay it says, “Unfortunately, you can’t use a credit or debit card to pay for this order.” ‍♂️


Don’t do this. AirBnB hosts repeatedly cancel and make the gift cards very very hard to use. AirBnb is a shitty product.


I payed with a credit card without a problem.

I’ve stayed at Airbnb over 40 times all around the world and never had a host cancel. Airbnb is a good option if you travel often and want to beat the price of a hotel and have the added amenities of an apartment.


Ha. I will never use the product again. I’ve had 5 of my first 7 cancel.


@Nick Well, I waited too long and they are gone, but a question for you and the hive mind…

I was gonna try this: Get a $91 eBay GC via MPX for 2 miles a dollar, then use that online to buy the Airbnb GC (1 only, as a test)

But I wasn’t able to get home in time and they sold out. Still, do you think this would have worked as a double-dip?

Can you or someone that knows this better let me know for future reference?


you can’t use ebay gift card to buy a gift card on ebay.