20K bonus + 2X everywhere on up to $50K [Targeted]

Update: This offer turned out to be targeted.

There is a new highly targeted welcome offer out on the Blue Business Plus card good for 20,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 in the first 3 months. This card had a welcome offer when it debuted over the summer, but has been without a new cardmember offer for several months.

The Offer

Key Card Details

  • Earn 2x everywhere on the first $50,000 in purchases a year, then 1x everywhere
  • No annual fee

Quick Thoughts

This card launched with a 20K welcome offer over the summer, but that bonus expired back in late June. Since then, the offer on our Best Offers page has had no signup bonus. However, a reader pointed out this new targeted 20K offer to us. As seen in the screen shot above, the terms of this targeted offer state that this offer is good until 12/31/17, but keep in mind that is only if your account has been targeted. For more information on this card, see The new king of everyday spend: Amex Blue Business Plus and our Blue Business Plus card page. Note that while this card did not have Amex Offers when it debuted, I am now regularly getting new offers added to mine. While the selection hasn’t been as wide as on my other cards, it is certainly improving. Twenty thousand points may not seem like a huge signup bonus, but 2x everywhere adds up quickly. Stacked with some of the offers to earn an extra 1x through 12/31, it has been a solid earner in my wallet this year.

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12 Comments on "20K bonus + 2X everywhere on up to $50K [Targeted]"

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I product changed to this card recently. Do you think I’d be eligible for this bonus if I call in and request it?


I just got this card with no bonus – haven’t even made one purchase yet. Is it likely they will match me to this bonus offer?


When you click on the link and then click on apply, it says offer is no longer available.


Unfortunately this is still highly targeted. Even clicking through your link, it would not allow me to apply without logging in to my account, and then told me the offer was unavailable.


Same thing happened to me, but when I opened the offer in incognito mode it let me log in and get approved with the 20,000 point offer!


I had tried incognito but it didn’t work. Which browser did you use?


I used Firefox, wasn’t expecting it to work but it did!


One other thing, I have 2 personal charge, 2 personal credit, and (now) 2 business credit Amex cards. Don’t know how targeted it was, but I didn’t expect to make it through. I’ve been waiting for this offer to come, wanted this card for some time.




I was targeted but with a 5k spend I’ll pass.


Incognito mode didn’t work for me with Internet Explorer.