[Expired] Best Buy gift card deal, extra fuel points, many more @ Kroger

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The Kroger family of grocery store brands is running a bunch of gift card deals through 11/27/17 – such as saving $15 on your grocery purchase when you buy $100 or more in Best Buy gift cards — and those deals stack with 4x fuel points on gift cards, which is separately available through 12/12/17. There are some great opportunities to save on gift cards for your holiday shopping and some may even be good enough to resell.

The Deals

  • 4x fuel points when you buy a participating gift card through 12/12/17 at Kroger / affiliated stores (unlimited use)
  • Many concurrent gift card deals are available through 11/27/17
  • Link to log in to your Kroger account

Quick Thoughts

There are a bunch of specials on gift cards available through the 27th. Doctor of Credit has a full list. The Best Buy deal looks particularly good as you’ll save $15 on a grocery purchase for buying $100 in Best Buy gift cards:

That’s not a bad deal at all. Normal public resale rates for Best Buy gift cards are as high as 89.5%, meaning that you can get $89.50 for your $100 in Best Buy gift cards if you were to sell them and you’d be $5.50 ahead on your groceries — not including the 4x fuel points and the rewards you earn by using a credit card that earns a good Category Bonus at the grocery store.

Rates from GiftCardWiki.com

Depending on the denominations you can find, eBay and Home Depot gift cards may also work out as a break-even or slightly profitable deal if you have any bulk reselling relationships.

Since every 1,000 fuel points gets you $1 off per gallon, buying $250 in gift cards could help you save up to $35 at the pump (usually a 35-gallon limit). Of course, I wouldn’t bring our Toyota Yaris on fill-up day if I wanted to maximize that.

Instead, I’d bring our truck and fill it up along with a gas can or two for lawn equipment so that I could get at least $20 or so in value out of the fuel points. Unfortunately, I don’t live near Kroger, so I won’t be participating in this particular promotion. If you do have a participating store nearby, it’s probably worth picking up a couple of gift cards with your grocery shopping this weekend.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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The offer is on TWO Best Buy gift cards…


Tip for maxing out the fuel promotion — you can fill up more than one car, as long as you park them both within reach of the pump and don’t put the pump handle back in between filling each tank. I learned that from another frequent miler! My husband and I try to time our use of the $1 off when both are cars are thirsty — it’s not $35, but still, it’s a nice chunk of savings!


We do the same – but keep extra 5 gallon cans in the garage to fill if our cars are out of sync. Doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of the cans.

Dan c

sorry for a dumb question, when it says “Kroger and Affiliates”, does it mean any grocery stores (such as Ralphs) within its portfolio are also participating?


I didn’t see this offer in my Fry’s account. I closed the web page for that (without logging out) and followed the link to the “Kroger’s” offers; I was able to add the Home Depot deal to my Fry’s account, but didn’t see the Best Buy offer. I’ll purchase a card and see if the deal comes through.


The Best Buy coupon says it can’t be combined with other coupons. Are you sure it stacks with the 4x fuel points?


Is there a limit of how many gift cards per account?


The Best Buy coupon is not showing up for me in my account.


Ditto. Guess these are either targeted or are like AMEX offers that disappear when a certain quota is reached. Just interesting to note for Greg & Nick…


I don’t have Best Buy, Macy’s, or Cabela’s as seen in the post….but I do have some other ones that may be of interest like Home Depot and Ulta depending on which denominations are available. I shop at Kroger regularly so I’ll check it out next time. Always using the 4x fuel points anyways, just bring a few cars or a few gas cans

Dan C

how does the grocery discount work? For example, if I get $10 off grocery after buying 2 Home Depot GCs, does the discount get exercised the next time I shop, immediately? Do I have to spend use up all $10 in one trip?