(EXPIRED) Chase Pay / Best Buy Promo: Now 10% / 10X On Other Chase Cards

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We shared a Quick Deal yesterday about a Chase Pay / Best Buy promo which – at the time – was only available for Chase Freedom cardholders.

Chase have sent out emails today offering this deal to other cardholders. Here’s what you need to know:

Chase Pay Best Buy Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Deal

The Deal

  • Get 10% cash back / 10X points when spending up to $300 at Best Buy and paying with Chase Pay.

As previously mentioned, this was only available for Chase Freedom cardholders yesterday. However, my wife received an email from Chase this morning advising that this offer was open to her as a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder.

Doctor of Credit is reporting that the offer’s also open to Chase Sapphire, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders.

Key Terms

  • Offer ends February 4, 2018.
  • Valid in-store only.

Quick Thoughts

You’ll be able to take advantage of this deal more than once if you have more than one eligible Chase card.

Be aware that when the promotion first launched, it was for spend of up to $400. That’s since been reduced to $300.

In case you missed the post yesterday, some Best Buy stores currently have gift card sales. These sales appear to be localized, so YMMV. They could help you make a profit when reselling gift cards though, so keep an eye out in-store.

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[…] Edit 2: This offer is now available on other Chase cards. […]


[…] Edit: This offer’s now available on other Chase cards. […]


Has anyone confirmed if it is it targeted for Sapphire or can anyone use it? I know Freedom is open to all but Chase seems to have odd terms on stuff. I’d rather use Sapphire as I can get 5x for Chase Pay elsewhere on Freedom.

Li Cai

Hi, I have all these cards for my Chase pay, do you know if the 300 limit is per card or per person/Account?


Based on the past DP, it should be per card.


So, I buy a $300. BBGC? And then how do I liquidate it? Thank you.


I bought two $200 Visa gift cards with Chase Pay using CSR and received 1x points, not 10x. 🙁


It didn’t work for my CSR. CSP yes and Freedom. But not CSR.


Didn’t work for my CSR either.


So irritating. I could have done much better on those purchases than 1x if I had known they weren’t going to honor it.


Same for me on the CSR (even though I got 10 points/$ on the Freedom right away), but my statement shows an add’l 9x adjustment (2700 points), so yours should as well once the billing cycle closes.