Stay twice (cheaply), get a free night anywhere with Wyndham Rewards

Update: A clause in the Wyndham Rewards program conditions that states a $25 Minimum Total Rate for qualifying stays. This post has been update to reflect that information. Thanks to reader Rich for pointing that out!

Wyndham Rewards is out with a new promotion: stay twice, get enough points for a free night anywhere (15,000 bonus points). A similar promotion ran a few months ago and it’s great to see another chance to earn 15K points with two stays. While mattress running (booking a stay just to check in and collect credit with no intention to actually stay) doesn’t often make sense, this is a rare situation in which a true mattress run might be worthwhile — and in fact, I’m going to mattress run it. If you have a trip to Las Vegas coming up during the promotional period, it’s almost a no-brainer to mattress run this one, with local nights available from less than $20 before taxes ($40 after).

The Deal

  • Stay two times between February 5, 2018 and June 30, 2018 with Wyndham properties and earn 15,000 bonus points (enough for a free night at any Wyndham property)
  • Direct link to promotion – you must register before your stay

Key Terms

  • You must stay between February 5, 2018 and June 30, 2018 — checking in no earlier than 2/5 and checking out no later than 7/1
  • Members can only get credit for one qualifying stay per calendar day (two rooms for the same night will only count as one stay)
  • Bonus points should post within 2-4 weeks after your second qualifying stay
  • Update: As per Wyndham Rewards program terms, a Qualifying Stay is subject to a Minimum Total Rate of $25 before taxes & fees. Thanks to Rich for pointing this out.

Quick Thoughts

Wyndham Rewards has a unique program in that all properties cost the same 15,000 points per night, so you’ll earn enough points to book a free night at any property with two stays under this promotion. Don’t forget to register for this promo before you stay — you can do so at the direct link above. This is a great deal because many Wyndham properties can be incredibly cheap. For example, if you plan to be in Vegas any time during the promo period, you could pick up two very cheap stays:

Update: As pointed out by reader Rich in the comments, the Wyndham Rewards program terms indicate that the “Minimum Total Rate” for any “Qualifying Stay” must be $25 before taxes and fees. The examples originally shown in Las Vegas below had nightly rates of $19.80 and $20.70 before taxes, which would not count as a Qualifying Stay as per program terms. See full Wyndham Rewards program terms here.

Qualifying rates can be very low as long as they are more than $25 before taxes. Take, for example, this Knights Inn Detroit Area, available for under $40 per night include tax.


Two forty-dollar stays would earn you enough points to spend New Year’s Eve in New York City at the Wingate by Wyndham New York Midtown, which is available for just 15K points:

The cash rates are of course expensive that night — more than $500 a night before tax.

New York isn’t the only place to get outsized value. Some readers have reported good stays at Wydnahm all-inclusives in the Caribbean. I like having Wyndham points on hand for situations where you can really get outsized value, like last February when they ran a promo with that enabled me to book this place in the English countryside for 15K points per night.

So I plan to mattress run this one the same way Greg did with a Wyndham promo last year: book it, check-in, and leave without seeing the room. Rates aren’t quite as low near me, but even at about $60 per night all-night, I’ll be happy to pick up 15K Wyndham points for the future.

Note that points should post within 2-4 weeks after your second stay. Many members have reported points posting automatically as expected during past promotions, but others had to reach out to Wyndham and endure weeks of waiting to get their points. Keep that in mind if you have a specific use in mind for the points.

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James Vaughan

Is it only possible to earn the 15k point bonus once? Can you make multiple stays during the period for more points?

Carl P

Just once.


Thanks. When I moved to Vegas in 1998 the associated Ellis Island Casino had a .77 breakfast special and a strip steak for another $1. I believe they still have pretty good food specials and their own brewery.


Yeah, there are 2 “budget” hotels at the Strip that I actually look at before the main casinos. Ellis Island is #1. $20 for an “acceptable” room 1 block from the Strip, with edible food, is nice. I avoid gambling there.


Do awards stays count as qualified stays?


Two separate stays or does one stay for two nights work?


I highly recommend updating this post to reflect Wyndham Rewards terms and conditions on what constitutes a qualifying stay. I was bitten by this during the last promotion round as my stay was under $25 before taxes, fees, etc. “A ‘qualified stay’ occurs when: (B) the nightly rate(s) for such Member’s room or condo, as applicable, over the course of such Member’s stay, added together (but excluding taxes, surcharges and any other charges or fees), total at least US $25.00 (the “Minimum Total Rate”). You need to make sure the room rate itself is at least $25 or you will not receive credit for a qualified stay and forfeit reward points associated with the promotion.


I was just coming to post this. I had thought the room rate had to be $25 from the last time.


For the Las Vegas area, I would suggest the Super 8 Las Vegas North Strip. $35/night, but no resort fees. Comes out to ~$40 after taxes, and meets the T&C minimum requirement.


Any stacking opportunities? I do see some portals for wyndham. Wondering if third party bookings would count like hoteLs or expedia? anybody know?


Darn. ertain restrictions and do not include third party online bookings; see the Program Terms[ for more information about Qualified Stays at Participating Properties

should still be able to portal through. Best rates are about 5%. But these nightly stays are so cheap it’s hardly worth the portal. Lol.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Stack for 10% back:
1. Book through TopCashBack to Wyndham 5%
2. Pay with business Visa card registered to Visa Savings Edge: 5%


Does using a cash portal still earn Wyndham Rewards then? Seems you are saying so…


[…] in the mix. For example, we posted a Quick Deal yesterday about the new Wyndham Rewards promotion (See: Stay twice (cheaply), get a free night anywhere with Wyndham Rewards) I said I would likely mattress run that promo since it’s a cheap way to get a more expensive […]

Ryan N

Will my stay be eligible if I book via the Citi Prestige Concierge?


it’s the $19.95 Resort Fee for a Super 8 motel off the Strip that makes me laugh


I have 0 points in my account and tried to check available hotels that can be booked with Wyndham Rewards Points but the option “Wyndham Rewards Points” is disabled. I tried for few other cities but that option is not enabled for any location. Do I need to have few points for me to check for availability? Just curious.


Does booking using an AARP or “SAVE 25%” rate qualify?


Can I book one night in my name and next night in hubby’s name at same hotel? Would that work for each of us to have one stay?


On Jan 30, I booked a stay later this month under the previous Visa checkout promo. Would that stay qualify for both the previous promo and this one?


@Nick Where are you located?


[…] code, good for up to 20% off, because I intend to mattress run the current Wyndham promotion (See: Stay twice (cheaply), get a free night anywhere with Wyndham Rewards). I’m not sure if a coupon rate would qualify, but I checked out the rates […]