Another hit: No more Amazon GCs with Gamestop GCs

After a rough day in MS news yesterday (See: Alliant paying 0% cash back at, No more 5x at MPX, and Another one down: No more 5x at Gift Card Mart), the hits just keep on coming: As reported at Miles Per Day, Gamestop has hardcoded their registers to disallow the purchase of an Amazon gift card with a Gamestop gift card.

This is unfortunate as it was previously possible to buy discounted Gamestop gift cards or earn a mileage bonus on Gamestop gift cards and use them to buy Amazon gift cards. I’m honestly surprised that this didn’t happen sooner after Office Depot had to pull Gamestop from a promo after just two days last year. Here’s hoping nobody got stuck with too many Gamestop cards.

H/T: Miles Per Day

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this is old news as the gamestops near me stopped doing this back in late 2016 when they changed it out of nowhere the manager had to override and they basically cashed out the gamestop gift card and used that “cash” to buy the amazon gift card maybe its just finally nationwide but def been that way for a long time here.


“this is old news” for *you*

Greg The Frequent Miler

My understanding is that a couple years ago all Gamestops stopped allowing this, but then for some reason the ability to buy gift cards with gift cards started working again sometime later.