New Lowe’s offer: $10 / 1K back on $50

There’s a new targeted (but widely available) Amex Offer out for Lowe’s. Depending on your card, there are two versions: Spend $50, get $10 back or Spend $50, get 1,000 Membership Rewards points.

The Deal

  • Spend $50 or more in-store at Lowe’s, get either $10 back or 1,000 Membership Rewards points (see your offer)

Key Terms

  • Expires 5/31/18
  • Valid in-store only
  • Single use
  • Excludes installation or repairs
  • Excludes Lowe’s Canada/Mexico

Quick Thoughts

This is an awesome offer if you have it. If you do, you’ll want to add this offer to every card on which you find it. However, you’ll want to see our Complete Guide to Amex Offers for more information on how to add an offer to multiple cards if you aren’t familiar with the multi-tab trick to add the offer.

What makes this offer awesome is that even if Lowe’s doesn’t sell items you want or need right now, they sell a wide range of 3rd-party merchant gift cards as well as Visa gift cards. You could use this offer for an effective 20% off just about anywhere if you buy gift cards in $50 increments.

Of course, if you have the Membership Rewards offer and value those points beyond 1c each, that’s even better. Our Reasonable Redemption Value for Membership Rewards points is 1.82c each, and you can certainly get more than that with the right international premium cabin redemptions. Even if you conservatively value the points at 1.5c each, it’s like a 30% return on $50.

As always, this offer has been added to our Current Amex Offers database, where you can search for offers by key word when you’re wondering if an offer is available at a specific merchant.

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Nick, I have this offer ($10 back on $50) as well as the on-going “Get one additional point for each dollar you spend” offer for Lowes — If I added both of these, would they trigger together on a single purchase or would one supersede the other? I haven’t activated either yet, so just wondering before I do. Thanks! For a $50 GC purchase, obviously don’t want the 1 extra point offer to somehow overtake. 🙂


I think the extra point is for and not in store.


Wow, great deal — had it on 4 of our 5 cards. (via two family logins) I blew it though on the saving part, and “lost” two of them — as I’d forgotten how to open multiple cards simultaneously via the same browser, multi-tab “trick.” (I was using the “new” amex login interface, so that may or may not have confused me….) Next time, will check your resources again before presuming I remembered “how” to load good offers to multiple accounts. Word to the wise for others….


you get still get it on the 2 “lost”. just remove those cards from your login via account services. Create new logins with those two cards. The AmexOffers should reappear. You can then remove those logins and put them back to the original logins, with the saved AmexOffers in tact.


Thanks Jacinto for the suggestion. Took me a day to try it — and unfortunately, the “lost” offer for Lowe’s still not there. Maybe capacity on that offer now reached.


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Isn’t AMEX really cracking down on gift card purchases?


Nick, do you know if it’s possible to borrow a large gift card at Lowe’s and paying for it with multiple AMEX card put in 50 on each card? I have it on multiple cards, so could avoid Multiple fees.


I tried this last time. Be prepared to show ID for each card. So if it’s actually your name on each card, then you should have no problem. As always, YMMV.


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