Q3 Chase Freedom categories released

Chase Freedom Q3 5x categories have been announced. They aren’t quite as easy to use as those available this quarter (don’t forget to register for those by tomorrow). That said, they aren’t bad: The Chase Freedom Q3 5x bonus categories will be: Lyft, Walgreen’s, and gas stations. Keep in mind that you must first activate the bonus categories and then spend between July 1st and September 30th and you’ll earn 5x on the first $1500 in combined purchases.

The Deal

  • Chase Freedom Q3 categories have been announced: Lyft, Walgreen’s, and gas stations
  • Click here to activate (beginning June 15th, 2018)

Key Terms

  • Must activate beginning June 15th, 2018 and prior to making qualifying purchases
  • Valid for purchases from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018
  • Earn 5x on the first $1500 in combined purchases among the bonus categories
  • See the full FAQs on the Chase site

Quick Thoughts

Lyft can certainly be useful for those who use it (and note that I often find Lyft prices to be a bit cheaper than Uber…though admittedly, I probably use Uber more often out of habit). I don’t often get to Walgreen’s often as there isn’t one conveniently located for me, but those with a Walgreen’s nearby will be happy to earn 5x. Gas stations are an easy category for many people to max out — though don’t forget that those with Amex business cards might have a targeted Amex Offer for 10% back at Exxon-Mobil stations through November 30th. It’s worth checking your account to see if you are targeted for that as the offer disappeared after a day or two and then reappeared on some cards yesterday (See: Lowe’s & Exxon Amex Offers Reappearing On Business Cards).

In my case, the closest Exxon-Mobil station is 25 miles away and not in the direction I drive most often, so 5x at gas stations is a decent consolation prize.

Keep in mind that the third-quarter categories can be activated beginning June 15th, so set a reminder on your phone to activate. You have until June 14th to activate this quarter’s categories (PayPal, Chase Pay, and grocery stores) and through June 30th to max that out.

H/T: The Points Guy

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Does the costco gas station count as gas station or wholesale?


Costco’s gas station counts as a gas station. Been using Chase Freedom there for the past few years every time this category gets bonused; it’s always posted 5x in the past.

Bill S

Really? I thought warehouse and supermarket gas stations were always excluded. But this works for me. I always buy my gas at Costco.

Ms. M

I thought purchasing items (like gift cards) in the convenience stores of gas stations did NOT count towards the gas category – do you know if that is the case?


Some gas station convenience stores code as gas stations and others do not. I think it mostly depends on whether or not they are selling enough through their store to justify a separate payment processor setup. I get gift cards from Speedway with no issue. The only reasonable fees are $6.95 for the $200 VGC which cannot be used (even at $49.99) for debit at Walmart. Luckily Kroger can process them as debit, though not all Kroger affiliates.

A better choice, this go around, is to get gift cards from Walgreen’s. Walgreen’s employees treat me like a criminal if I try to buy more than one $500 card per day. It’s funny because there are some promotions for $5 off or $5 of points when buying two cards loadable up to $500 in the same transaction. The promotion language says the maximum load value for one card is $500. The cashiers say the promotional language means the total of the two cards cannot be more than $500. So I say the promotion is false advertising. If I load one card with the maximum value specified in the promotion, how much can I load on the second card?


Assuming Walgreens.com qualifies for the bonus, there might be some nice stackable opportunities thru their shopping portal for everyday purchse items like laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

Ed. C

Is there any definitive way to tell what qualifies as a “gas station”? Is it basically just trial and error? Where I live there are very few oil company branded convenience stores. Mostly just Walmart, Sam’s Club and grocery stores with a couple of independent convenience store chains that sell gas and aren’t directly affiliated with oil companies.