Act fast if you want the Wyndham credit card offers

This morning, Greg wrote about the great promotions currently being run by Wyndham Rewards and the terrific value you can get out of the program since all hotels cost 15K per night (See: 35,000 bonus points: planning my first mattress run in years). Since there is no easy way to transfer points into Wyndham and they cap your annual point-purchasing power, the only other way to quickly amass Wyndham points is through the Wyndham Rewards credit cards — which have carried increased signup bonuses of 45K ($75 annual fee card) and 18K (no annual fee card) since late June. It appears that those increased signup offers may be changing. If you want to sign up under the current offers, now is the time.

Links dying

If you visited our Best Offers page this morning, you might have noticed that the signup links to the cards shown above were not working — when clicking the link, you might have seen a page that showed the offer was expired.

If you then clicked the link, you were taken to a page that only showed the no-fee card, with a signup offer of just 15K. The Barclaycard site is no longer showing the annual fee card at all. That’s probably a sign that something is changing with that card.

However, Doctor of Credit has found a working link for the 45K / 18K offers. We have added that new link to our Best Offers page. Since the annual fee version has disappeared from the Barclaycard site and most links to it no longer work, we suspect that this new link may not work for long. Of course, the 45K / 18K offers have come and gone often over the past couple of years — meaning that this probably isn’t the last opportunity to get these cards at the increased offer, but it is likely your last chance for now. As a reminder, the standard offers are 30K / 15K.

For more information and quick analysis on the 45K / 18K offers, see our post: 45K/18K bonuses on the Wyndham Rewards Credit Cards.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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The expiration date on the new offers is 8/19 so a little more time. Strange that they made the date 8/9 and now just moving it 10 days!


[…] Act fast if you want the Wyndham credit card offers: Charlie from Running with Miles pointed out that this offer had an expiration date of 8/19/17, but as of very early this morning when I finished typing this up, these offers were still working. They may be dead by time of publication — you’ll have to check our Best Offers page to see. If they are still working, this is a last call. […]