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Alexander Bachuwa is a New York attorney who focuses on consumer protection. He is also a BoardingArea blogger. Contact Alex at through his website at bachuwalaw.com and visit thepointsoflife.com

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The Fine Print: Fighting Citi Prestige’s ‘Trip Delay’ Shenanigans

Introduction As points enthusiasts, our priority is meeting the requirement to obtain the signup bonus. The next priority is to maximize the benefits that come with the card.  These perks include free Global Entry, reimbursement for airline tickets, and lounge access. An overlooked benefit is trip delay and cancellation coverage which can come in handy when itineraries don’t go as planned. Citi Prestige: Nick’s Positive Experience Nick has written about how he was reimbursed $500…

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The Fine Print: No Class-Actions Against Banks? So What

With President Trump’s signature, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule that would have given consumers the right to opt out of arbitration will not go into effect. This means that consumers will have to file their grievances individually in a private arbitration instead of as a consolidated group in a public court of law.

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The Fine Print: Equifax Data Breach, What It Means Today*

Disclaimer: The following is not legal advice. If you have been affected by Equifax’s data breach and are in need of representation, submit an inquiry at Bachuwa Law.  I titled this post with an asterisk as every day brings about new developments to this massive data breach story. Going off the numbers, it is not far-fetched to say that it is more likely than not that your personal information may have been exposed as a…

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The Fine Print: No Justice In Small Claims Court

The following is not legal advice. Contact Alexander Bachuwa, a New York attorney, at BachuwaLaw.com if you have an inquiry.  When I first started writing The Fine Print series, I received comment after comment about the advantages of small claims court over arbitration. I pushed back and argued that consumer arbitration provides aggrieved claimants with a better chance of receiving relief. After beating Citi in one arbitration case, settling another, and fighting the likes of…

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The Fine Print: Beating Citi in Arbitration, What It Means for You

The annual fee on my client’s Citi Prestige card was due. He called Citi’s retention department and was told that he would receive a $200 statement credit if he spent $4000/month for 3 months. My client did so by spending more than $4000/month for three consecutive calendar months. Citi refused to honor the credit because the spending was not done in three consecutive billing cycles.

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Involuntarily Bumped? Know Your Legal Rights

The following was written by Alexander Bachuwa, a New York attorney. It is not legal advice.  The absurdity in airline customer service has reached a tipping point. First, there was the United leggings issue. Then there was the viral video of the involuntary removal of a United passenger by force. Next, there was the issue of the Delta passenger who was kicked off the plane for going to the bathroom before takeoff. Customer service has…

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The Fine Print: Small Claims Court, A First-Hand Tutorial

It’s no secret that I’m a staunch advocate for consumer arbitration. I have had success going up against the big boys like Citi and Expedia, holding them accountable for mischievous behavior. One of the advantages that consumers have in arbitration is that companies are responsible for paying the majority of the arbitration proceeding. Factoring in outside counsel, these cases can easily cost corporations tens of thousands of dollars. This usually brings companies to the bargaining…

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The Fine Print: The Corporate Insurgence

The following is not legal advice. Please contact Alexander Bachuwa, a New York attorney, if you have a consumer protection question or claim. Since I began writing The Fine Print series, I have initiated dozens of claims which have produced encouraging results for aggrieved claimants. (see The Results Are In! and The Successful Fight Against A Citi Shutdown) In a case against Dell for $200 in unpaid gift cards which were supposed to be credited with the purchase…

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The Fine Print: The Consumer Strikes Back

The following is not legal advice. Please contact Alexander Bachuwa, a New York attorney, if you have a consumer arbitration question or claim. Two weeks ago I wrote an article called Don’t Let Arbitration Delay Your Wedding which recounted Daniel Dempsey’s claim against Citibank where he was incorrectly charged overdraft fees in the amount of $150 and had his credit score negatively impacted as a result. In his quest for justice, Dempsey filed a case in small claims court but ended up fighting…

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