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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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Greg’s South African adventures #40Kfaraway (featuring Johannesburg fun, train misadventures, Cape Town wine & penguins)

Wow. I had a great time on my 40K to Far Away adventures, but I’m beat!  I’m now in the Seychelles for a brief recovery (I slept 10 hours last night!) before flying off to join my wife in London. I wrote previously about my trip leading up to South Africa: Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures Greg’s visits to Madrid and Dakar In this post, I’ll cover my adventures within South…

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Greg’s visits to Madrid and Dakar #40Kfaraway

One of the hardest things about travelling the 40K to Far Away Challenge is finding time to write.  Most of the time I’ve either been on the go or too tired to think.  Or both.  But now I’m on a 27 hour train journey to Cape Town, I’ve slept well, and so I’m ready to write.  Let me catch you up on some of my journey so far… What went before The journey started Wednesday…

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The mid-race tally. Who’s leading #40Kfaraway?

As of Sunday at 3pm ET, Nick is way ahead of the pack.  That is, if we measure only the distance traveled and not the quality of the travel, then he’s way ahead.  Here’s the Sunday afternoon tally (images and computed distances courtesy of Great Circle Mapper): Nick has traveled approximately 17,613 miles: Nick has now slept well in two separate pod hotels, but has also had some unfortunate mishaps.  In Bangkok he wasn’t allowed…

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Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures

Near the end of the first day of the 40K to Far Away adventure, I was mentally worn out by the time my Megabus ride arrived in Manhattan. Honestly, I was already wondering why I was doing this. Other than visiting the Library of Congress my trip so far hadn’t been fun. Not at all. Why didn’t I try harder to make my cruise idea work?  I could have been sipping margarita’s on a pool-side…

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Greg’s #40KFarAway Mystery Excursions

The 40K to Far Away Challenge got underway this morning. After a brief flight delay scare (just a little fog), I was on my way… all the way to West Virginia. When I arrived, I turned around and got back on the same jet to fly back to DC. This seeming inanity was all part of my master plan. My flight to West Virginia and my return flight to DC were booked as two separate…

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40K to Far Away… It’s On!

This is it… We’re off and away! This morning Nick, Stephen, and I set off on our 40K to Far Away adventures. Any guesses as to where we’ll end up? As I write this, all we know for certain, so far, is the first leg of each journey: Greg flies United Airlines this morning from Washington Dulles to Lewisburg, West Virginia.  Yes, you’re right, that’s not far at all.  What in the world am I…

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40K to Far Away: The Votes are In

The adventure began Wednesday October 2nd.  Nick, Stephen, and I met up in Washington DC to kick off the 40K to Far Away challenge.  Our goal?  Go as far as possible.  Our budget?  40,000 points and $400.  Who picked the winner?  You did. Each of us was assigned a transferable points currency.  We were allowed to use up to 40,000 points, as follows: Greg the Frequent Miler (AKA me): 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points Nick: 40,000…

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Delta Credit Cards: Huge Changes Coming

Delta and Amex have announced huge changes to their credit card lineup.  There are quite a few positive changes (including Centurion Club access for Reserve cardholders!), but annual fees are going up for new accounts and renewals beginning Jan 30 2020.  Let’s look at each card to examine the changes: Delta Blue Amex It’s all good news for the no-fee Delta SkyMiles Blue Amex.  Beginning Jan 30th, the card will no longer incur foreign transaction…

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What’s in Greg’s #40KFarAway Backpack? Version 2 (Guest starring a dog and a cat)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my 40K to Far Away practice run.  I was going to Denali National Park with Rapid Travel Chai and I used it to test out my packing plans.  Can I take everything I need in a small backpack? That experiment was extremely helpful.  For one, I decided that I didn’t like the giant fanny pack that I had brought with me.  It was fine when walking around,…

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