Awesome Amex Offers and how to get them


Amex continues to roll out one great Amex Offer after another.  Many offers, like the Sam’s Club “Spend $30+, Get $15 back“, are for consumer cards only.  And they’re targeted.  That means that they are available to some people, but not others.  They are even targeted within individuals.  For example (for those with multiple Amex cards), you’ll frequently find an offer available on some of your Amex cards, but not all.

In my case, my wife had the offer on a few cards, but I didn’t have it on any.  Still, I could load the offer to each of my wife’s targeted cards, buy a $30 gift card online, and get 50% back.  That’s an awesome deal… but only if you have it available on enough cards to be worth your time.

Another great consumer offer was the recent offer: Spend 50+, Get 2,000 Membership Rewards points. I had this offer on 5 cards, so I used each one to load $50 to my account.  Boom. 10,000 points with virtually no work at all.

Amazon Amex Offer

Then there’s the recent Hilton Spend $100 or more on Hilton gift cards, Get $20 back offer.  For those who stay at Hilton properties often, this is a great way to pre-pay and save nearly 20%.

Many similar terrific offers are available now, and will continue to appear on Amex’s unpredictable schedule.  Don’t forget that one great way to see which offers are available now, and those that were available in the past is via our Current Offers Page:

View Current Amex Offers here

Business Offers Reloaded

Until recently, Amex offered business cardholders automatic rebates at certain merchants (HP, Fedex, etc.) via their OPEN Savings program.  Now that OPEN Savings is dead, Amex has introduced something arguably better: Do More Business.  DMB may be a dumb name, but it’s awesome in that it has meant the appearance of new and terrific Amex Offers.

10% Amex Offers

With each business card in which you register for these offers, you can get 10% back on up to $1,000 spend (or up to $15,000 spend with Dell). I particularly like the Lowe’s and Staples offers since both stores offer a wide variety of gift cards in-store, and Staples has a decent selection online.

While most traditional Amex Offers lead to bigger percentage rebates when you spend the exact amount required to trigger the offer, they’re often capped at much lower spend amounts.  For example, a typical offer would be Spend $100 or more and Get $20 Back.  With those offers you could get 20% back with exactly $100 spend, but they’re difficult to scale up without lots of credit cards.

Of course, sometimes an offer comes along that is so good that it makes you consider signing up for expensive internet just for the points:

Sadly, the offer above doesn’t seem to get triggered when you use it to pay your personal AT&T bill.

How to get targeted

Every time we publish details about a great Amex Offer, people ask why they weren’t targeted. Or, they ask, “How can I get targeted in the future?

We don’t know the secret sauce Amex uses to target people or cards, but there are several things you can do to greatly increase your chances.

1. Get every type of Amex card

Amex treats consumer cards and small business cards very differently. They also treat cards that earn Membership Rewards points differently from those that earn other types of rewards. Frequently offers are available for one type, but not another.

The new Do More Business offers are only available for business cards.  This is true of many great targeted offers as well.  For example, in the past we saw a Spend $50, Get $10 OfficeMax offer that was targeted only to Amex business cards. And, while less common, we occasionally see offers that are available only to business Membership Rewards cards.

Similarly, there have been many offers targeted only to Membership Rewards cards (consumer or business). Often these offers take the form of bonus Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.

Amex Offer Whole Foods Extra Point

It’s possible, or even likely, that there are additional types of Amex cards that are uniquely targeted to offers, but at the least I’d argue that it makes sense to have at least one of each of these:

Above, I listed only Amex cards with no annual fees, but there are many excellent cards with fees too. See our Best Offers page for details. Note too that Amex limits cardholders to 5 primary credit card accounts. Charge cards (such as Amex Platinum cards, Premier Rewards Gold, Business Gold Rewards, etc.) are not similarly restricted, but as far as I know they all have annual fees.

2. Get more Amex cards

You don’t have to get new Amex accounts in order to get additional Amex cards. With Amex, every authorized user card has its own card number and is independently eligible for Amex Offers. With most Amex card accounts you can add authorized user cards for free. Even Platinum cardholders can request up to 99 authorized user Gold Cards for no additional fee.

It’s not a good idea to add dozens of authorized users to each card (see: Amex financial review from adding authorized users), but adding a few users to each account ought to be safe.

3. Enroll in Amex Offers quickly

The best Amex Offers have limited enrollment. If you don’t add the offers to your account in time, you may lose out. These offers can appear at any time, so your best bet is to check your account daily and/or subscribe to blogs like this one so that you’ll be alerted when desirable new offers have been spotted.

You can also subscribe to the comments on our Current Amex Offers Page.  When we find new offers, we add a comment to this page saying so.

4. Consider creating separate online accounts for each card

Once you add an offer to a card, you cannot add it to any other Amex card within the same online account unless you first do the multi-tab trick (open every card account in a separate tab and then proceed to add the offer to each card).

Amex sometimes rolls out offers over time. At any given time, you may see an offer on just one of your cards, but if you’re patient it may show up on other cards later (hours or days later). The problem is that if you already added the offer to the first card, it won’t show up on any other cards within the same account. One solution is to setup a separate online account for every card.

Personally, I think it would be more work than it’s worth to setup and monitor so many online accounts, so I don’t do this. But, if maximizing Amex Offer opportunities is your primary goal, you may want to consider it.

Note: There is an alternative to setting up separate log-in accounts. If you added an offer to one card and want to get that offer on other cards, you can remove the first card from your online account. Then, when you log-in again, the offer may be present on your other cards. After adding the offer to your other cards, you can add the original card back to your account.


Amex Offers can be amazingly lucrative. To maximize your chances of getting in on all of the best offers, you should:

  1. Get every type of Amex card (Membership Rewards vs. others, Consumer vs. Business)
  2. Get more Amex cards (via authorized user and employee cards)
  3. Enroll quickly, before the best offers disappear

For additional details about Amex Offers, please see: Complete guide to Amex Offers.

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