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When I started this blog last September my intention was to give step by step easy instructions showing how to travel for free.  I wanted to share what I’ve learned with family and friends, but I realized that this stuff was a bit too complicated for a single email, a single Facebook post, or a couple of conversations.  By creating a blog, I thought, I could tell people about my hobby and point them to my blog if they were interested in learning more.  That was the idea anyway.

This blog has turned out very different from what I had planned.  Instead of writing about how to get started, I’ve focused on schemes that go beyond the basics – sometimes way beyond the basics.  Most of my posts have been about how to get lots of points and miles through gift card churning, shopping, and more.  This is the stuff that interests me and so this is what I’ve blogged about.  And, this is what I will continue to blog about because I love it!

So, what about readers who don’t know the basics?  How can my friends, family, and other newcomers get involved?  Instead of cluttering my blog, I’ve decided to start an email newsletter/club thing (which needs a better name, obviously).  The idea is that anyone who is interested can simply enter their email address here and they’ll receive weekly emails that start with the most basic tips and progress from there.  I’m using a cool service that will (hopefully) automatically send the emails at the right time and in the right order.  For example, suppose a person joins the list after I’ve already sent out a number of weekly emails.  That person will receive the week 1 email right away, and then a week later they’ll get the week 2 email, and so on.

But that’s not all!  If you act now, you’ll also receive these Ginsu knives!  In my daily blog posts I shy away from repeating news that other bloggers are already covering unless I have something unique to contribute.  I figure that most of my readers also read other bloggers and so they are aware of the latest miles and points related news.  Unfortunately, that approach leaves out those readers who read only Frequent Miler (hello mom!).  So, for anyone who signs up for the weekly newsletter/club thing, I’ll also send out informal breaking news now and then.  I imagine that I’ll often simply link to another blogger’s post, but this way at least my mom subscribers will know what’s going on.

I expect to start the newsletter/club thingy in mid April, but the signup form is available now.  Sign up here if you’re interested.

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