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emailAs this blog has grown and changed over time, options for subscribing have grown and changed as well.  The result has been a bit of a confusing mess.  For example, there are currently six different types of Frequent Miler emails you can subscribe to.  And, until last Friday, there were two different ways to subscribe by email to the exact same daily blog posts.

Last week, we merged together the two separate lists of daily blog post subscribers and eliminated one of the routes for signing up.  We also changed the distribution timing so that emails are now sent shortly after posts are published rather than at a set time each day (as they were before).  During the changeover, many of you received duplicate and/or truncated emails.  Hopefully everything is working well now.  If you haven’t received these emails lately, please check your Spam folder, and mark it as “not spam”, if found.

Going forward, I hope to find a way to simplify email subscriptions or, at least, provide one place for readers to manage their subscriptions.  As things stand now, though, emails are sent from multiple services and so it will continue to be a bit of a mess for quite a while.

Speaking of mess… the emails sent via Feedblitz are not currently formatted very nicely.  We’re working on that too.  Please pardon the construction.

To help you wade through the FM email confusion, here is a full list of subscriptions now available via email:

Daily Blog Posts

Every day, we publish one post (or, sometimes, two) containing (usually) deep analytic content.

Click here to receive Frequent Miler daily blog posts via email.

Quick Deals

As soon as we discover deals (discount flights, gift card savings, hotel bonuses, etc.), we publish them with very little analysis.  The point is to communicate the gist of the deal in as few words as possible.

Click here to receive Quick Deals via email.

Portal Alerts

Portal Alerts are published every morning. They show merchants in which the best available portal rebates have gone up or down. This is designed for hardcore bargain shoppers and merchandise resellers who want to keep on top of the latest portal changes.  For casual bargain seekers, we continue to publish Quick Deals when we find particularly good portal bonuses.

Note that Portal Alert emails do not currently have the color coded table formatting that is shown on the web page.  You may find it easier to read by clicking through from the email to the web page.

Click here to receive Portal Alerts via email.

Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter

This is a step by step tutorial designed to teach you what you need to know about the miles & points game.  Emails are sent out weekly, in order, beginning when you first sign up.

Click here to signup for the Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter. This publication is available only through email.

Free Trips & Tricks Deal Alerts

FTT Deal Alerts are sent out approximately once per month.  These tend to contain only the big and accessible deals that are likely to appeal to a large number of readers.

To signup for Deal Alerts, signup for the Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter and check the box indicating that you would like Deal Alerts.  This publication is available only through email.

Free Trips & Tricks Advanced Alerts

This one is new.  Every now and then there’s a deal that I’d like to share with readers, but its either too complicated or too sensitive to be published broadly.  When I come across these deals in the future, I’ll share through this email subscription.

To signup for Advancedl Alerts, signup for the Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter and check the box indicating that you would like Advanced email updates.  This publication is available only through email.

About Greg The Frequent Miler

Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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I just tried signing up for only the advanced emails, but I was just sent the first email in a beginner series. Are others having this problem?


Same here.


Man, it’s awesome!

Looks like you really need to hire more people into your team!



I’ve been searching around this site, the various tools, etc. – but one thing I cannot find is a list
of all point programs and how you value the points – example Chase UR points worth – 1 cent each, and so on and so forth for each airline, hotel, partnership program.

That would be so helpful in trying to decide where to best place spend and utilization of rewards.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this?