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5% back everywhere through 3/31/20 w/ Citizens Bank Mastercard (limited states)

Money Tree

I can’t imagine that this will work out as well as it sounds for a heavy hitter, but for the gamblers among us who also happen to live near a Citizens Bank branch, the Citizens Bank Mastercard is offering 5% back everywhere through March 31, 2020. That’s not a typo — 5% back on all purchases everywhere for more than 4 months (if you get the card now). Catch #1 is that the “bonus” cash back doesn’t…

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[Expired] Aspire w/ first-year fee waived!

It’s dead, Jim. The waived fee offer is gone. A reader in our Frequent Miler Insiders group has shared with us an offer for the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card that has the standard welcome bonus but waives the annual fee for the first year. That’s huge since the benefits on this card already outweigh the annual fee. Saving $450 in year 1 is icing on the cake. Note the caution section below for a couple…

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Back: Targeted 100K Platinum offer back for some

Amex Platinum for Less

Update 11/4/19: A new round of people are reporting these offers via the Card Match Tool at (H/T DoC). Update 5/27/19: People are once again reporting these offers via the Card Match Tool. Update 4/29/19: A fresh round of people are reporting being targeted. If you’re eligible, it’s probably worth a second to check the Card Match Tool at to see if you’re targeted. (H/T: Miles to Memories) Update 4/4/19: A fresh round of people are reporting being targeted.…

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Amex Membership Rewards Complete Guide

In my opinion, transferable points programs are the most valuable points to accumulate.  These points can often be used at better than 1 cent per point value to book travel.  Even better, points can be strategically transferred to airline and hotel programs when valuable awards are available.  If you’re at all interested in free travel or luxury travel with points & miles, then you need to understand the basics of each of these programs. This…

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A student credit card plan: 825,000 points by graduation

I’ve previously written a few posts with recommendations for teenagers and students who are interested in getting into the credit cards rewards game: Building (and viewing) teenage credit Planning a teen’s first credit card My teen’s first credit card, and his next steps towards rewards Chase Business Ink as a student starter card I can boil down the advice from those posts to a few bullet points: Preparation (before age 18):  Parents who are responsible…

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The exact value of CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Points

Points earned with the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card used to be great for purchasing expensive flights.  With expensive flights, it was possible to get up to 1.31 cents per point value.  Sadly, that’s no longer the case.  As pointed out by Danny the Deal Guru, 1.2 cents per point is now the best you can get.  Unfortunately, the CNB website adds an automatic booking fee (explained below), so the real maximum value is 1.16…

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Huge new 200K / $2K Capital One business offers for big spend

Yesterday, we published a post comparing the big public welcome offer on the Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business card with a targeted offer from Chase on its marque business card (See: 160K Ultimate Rewards vs 200K Capital One “Miles”: Which is the best big bonus?). However, it just occurred to us that we hadn’t yet published a standalone post to quickly alert readers to the two huge bonuses now available on the Capital One®…

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Targeted 65K Alaska offers going out via email

There is a targeted email going out with an offer for up to 65,000 bonus miles for opening a new Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa SIgnature card and meeting minimum spending requirements. That’s a really valuable offer given Alaska’s generous award chart. The Deal Bank of America is sending out a targeted email offering up to 65,000 bonus miles when you open a new Alaska Airlines Visa Signature account and meet the following spend thresholds: Get 40,000 bonus miles after…

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Green card refresh: new 3x categories, benefits, and bonus

The American Express Green Card has been refreshed this morning, with a new set of bonus categories and benefits. This post includes the key details that have changed — be on the lookout for further analysis from Greg to come. The Offer Key Card Details Quick Thoughts It’s great to see this refresh that arguably makes the Green card relevant again after many years of not offering much of anything. While the annual fee has increased…

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