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Spending airline fee credits during COVID lockdowns

In my post "COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide," I detailed all of the enhancements credit card issuers have made to their travel cards to persuade customers to keep those cards rather than cancel...

Amex Platinum Credits Can Be Used For Google Fi, But Maybe In An Unexpected...

American Express recently added a couple of new credits on Platinum cards - $20 per month for wireless credits and $20 per month for streaming services. When these were first introduced, there was speculation that...

Credit card changing fortunes (COVID-19 Edition)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, travel related perks have lost value while the advantages of stay-at-home perks have grown.  I've long been interested in how external influences can change our perceived value of credit card...
Chase Business Dispute Transactions Online

Chase Now Allows You To Dispute Business Transactions Online

Chase has made a great improvement for business cardholders as they now allow you to dispute transactions online rather than having to call. Disputing transactions online has been a feature available on personal cards for...

Citi shows points earned with each ThankYou card transaction

Four days ago, I emailed Nick to ask him about a comment he had made in one of our Frequent Miler Live discussions.  He had said that Citi shows points earned with each transaction. ...

New Amex speed limit: 4 credit cards, 10 charge cards

It has historically been possible to have a maximum of 5 American Express credit cards at the same time and there was no hard limit on the number of charge cards you could hold...

Is it time to get an Amex Hilton Card?

Amex recently announced a slew of new (but temporary) perks for many of their cards.  I covered the details here.  The most impressive perks are specifically for their Platinum and Hilton credit cards. The enhancements...
American Express Platinum Canada

Canadian Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Redeem Membership Rewards For 2cpp

Oh Canada! While American Express has been adding statement credit enhancements to the Platinum card for US customers and businesses, Platinum cardholders north of the border are getting a different - but potentially equally...

Is it time to get an Amex Platinum Card?

Now that Amex has announced a number of awesome, but temporary enhancements to their Platinum cards, many are wondering if it's time to get one. In addition to the usual perks that the Platinum cards...

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