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Why it’s not worth earning (most) hotel points

There are 17 hotel credit cards found on our best offers page. After completing the minimum spending requirements to earn the welcome offer, there is little reason to spend a dime on the vast majority of them. Cash back is quickly becoming a larger and larger part of my miles-and-points strategy, and not just for cash: you can earn more hotel points per dollar spent with a cash back credit card in most instances. Marriott…

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Citi is poised to rock our wallets again

This has been a whirlwind year for Citi credit cards.  In January, the Citi Prestige card became the card in my wallet for all restaurant and airfare spend when they introduced new 5X awards in those categories (see: Prestige rocks my wallet for 2019).  The main downsides were that Citi increased the card’s annual fee and nerfed the Prestige card’s 4th Night Free benefit.  But, for me, 5X for dining (which I do a lot…

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Greg’s #40KFarAway practice: Driving Denali

The 40K to Far Away Challenge is coming up soon!  Just over two weeks from now (October 2), Nick, Stephen and I will take off in separate directions from Washington DC to go as far as we can with 40,000 points and $400. I’m still trying to nail down the final pieces of my plan.  Where will I sleep at this location?  What will I do at that location?  How can I save a few…

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Last Chance Deals: Aeroplan Transfer Bonus, AA Shopping Portal Bonus, Staples Chase Offer & More

Last Chance Deals

Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some other deals that are due to end soon. There are six deals ending this week including a 30% transfer bonus to Aeroplan from hotel programs. American Airlines is offering bonus miles for another couple of days when spending $75+ through its shopping portal, while a targeted offer on Raise also ends on Monday. With a couple of Chase Offers…

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Maximizing plans, minimizing costs, a new sweet spot and more

Greg and I discuss the terrific resources he added to the site this week, a sweet spot we’re excited about, and which miles Greg would buy speculatively and why in this week’s Frequent Miler on the Air broadcast. Check it out here: FM on the Air Podcast For those who would rather listen during the morning commute or while you’re working, the audio of our weekly Facebook Live broadcast is also available for download as…

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A couple’s credit card plan: 820,000 points in 15 months

Recently I published two first year credit card plans for a single person: one with and one without business cards: Beginner credit card plan — 325,000 points in 12 months (no business cards) Beginner with business credit card plan: 460,000 points in 15 months This post rounds out the series by introducing two player mode: signing up for cards as a couple.  Two is definitely better than one when it comes to credit card perks…

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How to save money on your trip to Bora-Bora

During our recent trip to Bora Bora, we met Couple A who had booked a few nights using points. Another couple (Couple B), clearly not award travelers, later told us about how they heard Couple A had used points to book this hotel. Couple B remarked, “They must have a lot of points!” Later, in our room, my wife told me that upon hearing this (and about Couple B’s extended stay at several Bora Bora…

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Beginner with business credit card plan: 460,000 points in 15 months

Recently I published a first year credit card plan for a single person with no ability or willingness to sign up for business cards: Beginner credit card plan — 325,000 points in 12 months.  In this post, I’ve done the same thing, but with one huge difference: this plan assumes the ability to sign up for small-business cards. Assumptions For this post I’ve made the following assumptions about the reader: Good credit score Hasn’t applied…

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Why I like Marriott resort fees as a percent of room rate

I really like the Inn at Bay Harbor, in northern Michigan.  The standard award price for this hotel is 35K points, which makes it a perfect place to spend those 35K free night certificates that come annually with a number of Marriott credit cards (at least until Peak pricing ruins everything). In general, I hate resort fees.  With all else equal, I’d prefer to book awards with Hyatt or Hilton, neither of which charges resort…

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