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DOT reverses course, risk/reward on future awards, and more

In this weekend’s Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read what you need to know about getting your money back for canceled flights, ponder whether now is the time to gamble on future bookings, details on the options available to small business in terms of the stimulus package, and more. US Government: Airlines Must Contact Everyone They Refused A Refund To And Offer One Finally. Thank you to the Department of Transportation for…

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The face mask you own already

Now that the CDC has recommended that we wear face masks, my wife came up with a great idea…  It’s time to dust off those old airline amenity kits that we tucked away in our closets.  Pull out those eye shades and strap them on.  Who says they’re only for our eyes?  They already have what we need: straps to keep them on our face, comfortable cloth on the inside, and even a nose bump-out…

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COVID-19’s impact on our business, Hyatt & Simon surprise, readers delight

This week, COVID-19 was likely on all of our minds: between the staggering numbers we see on the news and heartbreaking stories we read each day and the impact it has had on daily life for most of us is something we’re all likely to remember for a long time. From a business standpoint, it has also been on our minds as we have seen revenue drop to historic lows for Frequent Miler. On this…

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More LIVE questions answered and Greg’s weirdly deep voice

Yesterday, Nick and I were live on Youtube with our first weekly “Ask us anything” show (Click play above to watch the recording).  One thing we learned from our first show is that we need to answer questions faster.  We only managed to get to a handful of questions before the hour was up.  We’ll do better next time, but for now here are answers to many of the questions that were asked via YouTube…

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Free Credit Scores, Reports, and Monitoring: Complete guide.

5/24 status

If you often sign up for credit cards in order to earn signup bonuses, then you’ve probably realized that managing your credit is important. And it’s not just your credit score that’s important — it’s also good to be alerted when new hard inquiries are made and to know the details of your credit report . Chase’s dreaded 5/24 Rule is a good example of this. Chase will usually decline an applicant if he or…

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Frequent Miler was “live”. Here’s the video evidence

Update: If you missed it, watch the video above. We’ll be back next week; same time, same place. We get it.  You’re stuck at home with little to do.  If you’re lucky, you have a job in which you can work remotely.  But concentrating on work under the current conditions can be a challenge.  We can’t help you with that.  But, we can give you something fun to do while your boss isn’t around to…

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Which cards to use for Simon Visa Gift Cards online

Yesterday, Simon Mall opened registration for a new manufactured spending opportunity that enables the volume for which their malls have become known with the convenience of shopping from home. See: Simon Gift Card online bulk ordering. Everything you need to know. Readers had two key questions: Which credit card(s) should you use to purchase and how the heck are you liquidating these Simon gift cards in a time when most of the United States is…

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Simon Visa Gift Card online bulk ordering. Everything you need to know.

Earlier today, we reported that Simon Malls is now offering a Bulk Customer program where you can register to buy Visa Gift Cards online that can be loaded with up to $1K per card. Just like those approved to buy in bulk on-property, those who are approved for this program can order up to $25K per day in Visa Gift Cards. While Simon has long offered a corporate program for customers with a legitimate business, Frequent Miler helped…

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Simon now selling $1K cards online up to $25K at a time

Update: This post covers the key announcement information. For more detail on the full registration and ordering process / experience, see this newer post: Simon Visa Gift Card online bulk ordering. Everything you need to know. Simon Mall has gone live with a program to sell $1K Visa Gift Cards online and these cards can be customized with your name. Customers can register now for this new bulk customer program. This post will outline the key information…

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