Free Trips and Tricks

Best current options to fast track hotel elite status

How to request a hotel elite status challenge and which opportunities are available from each of the major loyalty programs?

Hotel Elite Status Perks & Fast Tracks

The benefits of hotel elite status and how to fast track your way to free breakfast, upgrades and more.

Other Ways to Earn Points & Miles

Earning miles through shopping portals, gift cards, category bonuses and more.

Which points and miles are best across all programs? My favorite points programs.

What are the overall best points programs? The top loyalty currencies and how best to use them.

Which points and miles are best? Hotel Points Programs

A look at the top hotel points programs including which ones are best for earning and which ones offer the best value redemptions on both the low and high end.

Which points and miles are best? Airline Mileage Programs

An introduction to the top airline mileage programs including offering from: American, United, Delta, Southwest & more.
319,000 points

Which points and miles are best? Flexible Points Programs

A full rundown and explanation of flexible points programs offered by Citi, Chase, American Express and other banks.
319,000 points

Credit Card Cancellation Strategy – When to Cancel Cards

Strategies to consider for credit card cancellation. When should you cancel cards, which card should you keep and how to maintain account history without closing or paying an annual fee.
Spend Bonus

Meeting Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

Nine ways to help you meet credit card minimum spend requirements.
Credit Card Combos

Sample Credit Card Plan

A sample credit card churn strategy designed for getting the most amount of points and value.
Credit Card Combos

Planning Your First Credit Card Applications

Step by step instructions for planning your first credit card churn in order to earn miles/points for free travel.

The Basics of Free Travel

The basics of traveling for free through credit cards including: finding out your credit scores, planning a credit card churn and finding the best overall signup offers.

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