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Radisson now has 3 properties in Manhattan

Earlier this year, we reported about how Radisson Rewards no longer had any properties in Manhattan, with the Radisson at JFK airport being the only Radisson property still in New York City at the time. Good news: as of January 1, 2020, there will be three Radisson Rewards properties in Manhattan. They aren’t typically a great value on points, but could be useful during periods of high demand (when room rates are high) and for…

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(YMMV) Earn 2-3% Bonus On Discover Cards


There are reports that some Discover cardholders are being targeted for spending bonuses worth an extra 2-3%. Some of the bonuses being offered are: 2% bonus for the next 12 months on up to $7,500 of purchases (i.e. max $150 cashback) 3% bonus for the next 6 months on up to $2,500 of purchases (i.e. max $75 cashback) 3% bonus for the next 6 months on up to $2,000 of purchases (i.e. max $60 cashback)…

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IHG Now Allowing Passwords Rather Than PINs

IHG reset password

It’s taken many, many years, but IHG Rewards Club has finally enhanced security so that you can log in with a password rather than a PIN. A password is apparently required when customers register for a new IHG Rewards Club account, but existing members aren’t currently being forced to change their existing PIN. It’s a good idea to proactively make this change though and it’s easy to do. When logging in, click the ‘Reset Password’…

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Where did Portal Alerts go?

Frequent Miler’s Portal Alerts are no more.  We used to publish alerts every morning.  Each Portal Alert contained a list of merchants in which the best portal rates had increased or decreased from the day before.  We’re in the process of making technical improvements to our site and can no longer support this custom Portal Alerts functionality. For those who rely on the daily Portal Alerts, there’s an easy way to continue to see this…

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Marriott Ending 10 Elite Nights For 1st Meeting Each Year


And the hits keep coming. In the past, Marriott offered 10 elite night credits for every meeting you booked, offering a relatively cheap and easy way to earn status if you wouldn’t meet the requirements through actual stays. That changed in 2018 when they limited the number of elite nights you could earn to 10 per year from meetings. That’s changing once again, so you’ll now earn zero elite night credits when booking a meeting.…

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Plastiq no longer accepting prepaid debit cards in 2020

Plastiq sent out an email yesterday advising that they will no longer accept personal prepaid debit cards (including both reloadable cards as well as gift cards) as of January 1, 2020. These types of cards can still be used for payments as of now, but users will be limited to $7500 in total payments on prepaid cards from December 17, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Beginning on January 1, 2020, charges will not process on…

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[Update: Shutdown emails received] American Airlines shutting down some accounts for churning

American Airlines Planes

Update 12/16/19: A round of emails has gone out today letting people know that they have officially been shut down. The email indicates that their American Airlines AAdvantage account (and any others under their control) has been closed, miles forfeited, award tickets cancelled, and that they are banned from future participation in the program. If you have cause to concern about upcoming award travel, you may want to think about backup travel options. (H/T: Doctor…

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[Update: Resolved] Major problems reported w/ Mastercard gift cards

Update 12/16/19: Doctor of Credit reports that funds are being returned to Mastercards gift cards affected with the line item noting “Missing MasterCard Settlement Credit’”, though it’s unclear whether this has only happened for those who filed a dispute or for everyone. It’s worth checking any cards you had caught up in this. Personally, I’ve been overly cautious in leaving a few cents on all of my GCs lately (both VGCs and MCGCs) and likely…

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Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at SFO joining Priority Pass (limited hours)

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at San Francisco International Airport will be accessible with Priority Pass during limited hours beginning on Tuesday, December 16, 2019. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse will admit Priority Pass holders between 6am and 2:15pm daily. The lounge is located in the international terminal. While this will be of limited use, it is always great to see Priority Pass acceptance expand. H/T: Deals Points via DoC

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