EVA Infinity MileageLands sweet spot: stopover itineraries to South America or within Asia

EVA Infinity MileageLands is both a Citi ThankYou transfer partner and Capital One transfer partner that doesn't get much attention. While EVA Air's business class is widely regarded among the top business class options...

More Diamond celebration, airline vs hotel status, testing mobile payments, and more

In today's Frequent Miler week in review around the web, find out about the extension to your free Caesars Diamond celebration dinner (don't worry, we should have a vaccine before it expires), the testing...

Hilton’s funny math: save points by extending a stay

I'm about the closest thing you'll find to a Hilton fanboy in the blogosphere, but Hilton's award pricing vexes and perplexes me at times. I've previously showed that their program is reasonably rewarding (Greg's take was a...

Which services trigger Amex credits, generating huge spend as a remote grocer, when to...

This week you can bookmark a resource for knowing which services trigger Amex's short-term statement credits, a remote grocer generating big spend at Costco, the debate about near-term leisure travel, and more in our...

Why Samsung Pay is awesome & how anyone can use it

Mobile payments are all the rage these days; but with some forms working at one register and not another, it can be confusing. However, I'vehad the chance to use a mobile payment technology over...

RT Flights From East Coast To Hawaii For $288 In September

There are some excellent round trip fares right now from the east coast to Hawaii. While no one should be traveling right now unless it's essential, these fares are available into September and October,...

Shifting strategies in light of coronavirus

The past week has been unprecedented in many ways. Emotions are running high. Several times in the past few days, readers have asked here or in Frequent Miler Insiders about whether points and miles...

How much do you pay for your miles and points?

Note: We have made updates to this older post to reflect 2020 numbers. The key point -- that points cost us something in the way of the opportunity for cash -- holds true even...
Hampton Inn by Hilton sign logo

New Hilton brand, Rakuten frustration, safari planning, upgrading with points, and more

In this weekend's week in review around the web, we have a new Hilton brand on the horizon, a type of purchase I typically avoid making through Rakuten, a new option for upgrading using...

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