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Nick’s first destinations: Lanikai Beach and Uncle Clay’s House

Late last night (for most readers) I made it to Lanikai Beach on Oahu. In a move that likely shocks you as much as finding out that the southern-style smoked beef and pork sausage sandwich on United’s in-flight menu is really just a hot dog, I used 7,500 Citi Thank You points transferred to Turkish Miles and Smiles to book a United flight to what will long be one of my favorite places on Earth,…

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The United workout plan: gate-to-gate in 14 minutes or less #40KFaraway

WIth the 40K to Far Away challenge under way today, I had my alarm set for 5:40am and actually called the front desk for an old-fashioned wake-up call just to be sure I’d get up and pull myself together for the airport shuttle at 6:15am. The alarm and went off and phone rang and I was up and scrolling through notifications on my phone. I was…until I realized that my phone-arm was lying on the…

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A hotel hack, cheap cancellation fees, poor service, and more

This week around the web, we’ve got a nice little hotel hack to create your own award availability, the program you want to use for flexible plans in Europe, a look at how company culture affects customer service, and more. Read on for the weekend recap: Hotel Hack: Book Award Night When Only Cash Rates Available (YMMV) All I have to say about this is that it could also potentially be useful if award pricing…

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(EXPIRED) $200 Lowe’s GC + 1K miles (maybe) for $180 via Groupon

Groupon is offering a deal to get a $200 Lowe’s Gift Card for $180. This deal works through Swych — you’ll buy a voucher through Groupon that will enable you to buy a $200 Lowe’s GC through Swych. I’m not sure whether that will be eligible for a portal payout, but if it is and you stack with the back to school portal promos, you could score over 1,000 United or American miles as well. The…

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A profitable stack at Dell (sort of)

We recently reported a targeted current Amex Offer available on some business cards that is good for 10% back at Dell. Those who found the offer on a Business Platinum card could make out even better since that card offers a twice-annual $100 credit for Dell purchases (subject to registration, available once between January and June and once between July and December). You could currently do some stacking with those discounts that turns at least one deal into…

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Aeroplan changes: lower fees, fewer options

amex offers

Aeroplan has announced a few changes today. Some of them are positive and take effect immediately (lower fees and greater flexibility) while others are negative and take effect in September (changes to stopovers & open jaws). Time will tell how much the negative will sting. Positive changes Aeroplan made a couple of positive changes that thankfully take effect immediately: Free refunds within 24 hours of booking: Truthfully, I didn’t even realize that you couldn’t refund…

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(EXPIRED) Awesome offer: Save up to $100 on $333.33 at Newegg [Targeted]

There is an awesome new Amex Offer out this morning to save up to $100 on $333 at select technology providers. This offer is appearing on some business cards. The awesome thing is that one of the merchants listed is Newegg.com. That’s good news as Newegg sells an array of gift cards where this offer could be very attractive indeed. The Deal Get 30% back (up to $100 back) at select technology providers via a new targeted Amex offer available on some…

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Now book Japan Airlines awards on AA.com

In this morning’s Marriott Bonvoy airline partner sweet spots guide, we noted that your best option to search for Japan Airlines award space is to use BritishAirways.com. However, another option has developed today: You can now search for and book Japan Airlines awards on AA.com. To book on AA.com you will of course need American Airlines miles, but a quick look at availability at AA.com should give you an indication of what to expect with other…

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(EXPIRED) $10 Amazon credit w/ Discover 1-click payment setting [Targeted]

Amazon and Discover are offering the chance to save $10 at Amazon when you change your 1-click payment setting to a Discover card. This may be targeted and/or slightly YMMV. If your current 1-click payment method is set as a Discover card, you can sometimes unlock this type of deal by switching to another card and then back to a Discover card. With Prime Day coming, this could be a good way to make a good deal…

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