Chase Sapphire Reserve Complete Guide

Last Updated: February 19 2018

The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, introduced in August 2016, may be the single best travel rewards card available in the United States.  Here is everything you need to know…

Chase Sapphire Reserve Summary

  • Standard Signup Bonus: 50,000 points after $4K spend
  • $450 Annual Fee
  • $300 in annual travel credits automatically applied to account for travel purchases charged to card
  • Points worth 1.5 cents each when used to purchase travel
  • Earn 3X points per dollar for travel and dining; 1X elsewhere
  • Airport Lounge Access via Priority Pass Select
  • Primary car rental collision damage waiver
  • Rental car privileges and discounts
  • Global Entry or TSA Pre Fee Credit
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Points transferable 1 to 1 to selected airline and hotel programs
  • Automatic travel insurance and purchase protections
  • Authorized User Fee: $75 per year
  • Issued as Visa Infinite

You can find Chase’s official Sapphire Reserve benefits guide here.

Also see: Your Sapphire Reserve Card arrived. Here’s what to do next…

Getting the card

  • Standard Signup Bonus: 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $4,000 spend in 3 months.
  • Better signup bonuses? None that we’re aware of.
  • Does the 5/24 rule apply? YES. As with many of their other cards, Chase will not approve your application if you’ve signed up for 5 or more cards (with any bank) in the past 24 months. Suggestions for getting approved despite being over 5/24, can be found here: How to get approved for the Sapphire Reserve.
  • Can I get the card and bonus even though I signed up for the Sapphire Preferred less than 2 years ago?  No.  In August 2017, Chase started treating the Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve as the same product with respect to the signup bonuses.  For details see: Chase ends ability to double up Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred bonuses.
  • If approved, can I get the card right away? Yes. Chase will send your card immediately if you request expedited delivery.

Earning the 50,000 point signup bonus

  • You must spend $4,000 within 3 months in order to earn the signup bonus
  • When does the clock start? Upon approval.
  • Does Chase offer a grace period? Yes,.  In practice, Chase allows up to 115 days to complete the minimum spend requirements, but I don’t recommend waiting that long unless you get an explicit OK from Chase.
  • Does the $450 annual fee count towards the minimum spend requirement? No! No! No!  In general, fees imposed by your credit card do not count towards spend bonuses.
  • Can I buy gift cards to meet the spend bonus? Yes
  • Will Chase shut down my account if I buy $4,000 in gift cards? While I can’t predict what Chase will do, I believe that is extremely unlikely.
  • Do you have advice on how to meet the spend requirements?  Yes, please see: 9 ways to increase credit card spend without leaving home and 3 easy ways to meet the Sapphire Reserve minimum spend requirement.
  • What about the $300 travel credit? Will that increase the spend requirement? Suppose you spend exactly $4,000 within 3 months and receive $300 in travel credits (because some of your spend was on travel expenses). Will you then have to spend $300 more to meet the spend requirements?  Answer: No.  Chase counts the $300 in travel purchases towards your minimum spend even if they were reimbursed.
  • I’ve earned a bonus for signing up for the Sapphire Preferred card less than 24 months ago, can I get the bonus for this card?  No.  In August 2017, Chase started treating the Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve as the same product with respect to the signup bonuses.  For details see: Chase ends ability to double up Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred bonuses.

Info about Authorized User cards

  • Annual fee: $75 per authorized user
  • $300 travel credit? Authorized users do not get their own travel credits.  Travel purchases made on authorized user cards do get reimbursed but it comes out of the same $300 per year bucket as the primary card.
  • Airport Lounge Access? Authorized users get Priority Pass Select membership like the primary user.
  • Primary car rental collision damage waiver? Yes
  • Global Entry or TSA Pre Fee Credit? Authorized users do not get their own Global Entry or TSA Pre reimbursements.  Enrollment fees charged to authorized user cards do get reimbursed but it comes out of the same single reimbursement every 4 years as the primary card.
  • Why even consider paying for authorized user cards? Many may find that it is not worth adding authorized users.  However, assuming lounge access is useful, the $75 annual fee may be worthwhile. More worthwhile, for many, is the ability for authorized users to earn 3X for travel & dining.  See also: The Sapphire Reserve Couple Conundrum.

Best Options for Earning Ultimate Rewards Points

  • Signup bonuses: Chase has many cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points and each card has its own signup bonus.  The best bonuses are for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Ink Business Preferred, and Sapphire Preferred cards.  All up-to-date Chase Ultimate Rewards signup bonuses can be found here.
  • Category bonuses: With a combination of Chase cards, it’s possible to earn far more than 1 point per dollar.  Once points are earned, they can be moved to another card (Chase calls this “Combine Points”):
    • Ink Cash: Earn 5 points per dollar for cell phone service, cable TV, internet, and office supply purchases
    • Freedom: Earn 5 points per dollar in rotating categories each quarter.  5X earnings are limited to $1500 spend per quarter, so it is often advantageous to get more than 1 Freedom card.  This is usually accomplished by downgrading a Sapphire Preferred card to the Freedom card.
    • Sapphire Reserve: Earn 3 points per dollar for travel and dining.
    • Chase Ink Business Preferred3 points per dollar for travel, shipping, internet, cable, phone, and advertising with social media sites (up to $150K spend per year)
    • Ink Cash: 2 points per dollar at gas stations
    • Freedom Unlimited: Earn 1.5 points per dollar for all spend.
    • Other bonuses: Ink Plus: 2X hotels; Ink Cash: 2X restaurants; Sapphire Preferred: 2X travel & dining
  • Shop through Chase: Chase operates an online shopping portal available to anyone with a Chase Ultimate Rewards card.  By starting your shopping here, you’ll earn bonus points for purchases you would have made anyway.

Best Options for Using Ultimate Rewards Points

With any Chase Ultimate Rewards card, including the Sapphire Reserve, points can be redeemed for cash at a value of 1 cent per point.  However, with the Sapphire Reserve card it is possible to get much better value by using points for travel.

There are two ways to use points for travel at better than 1 cent per point value:

  1. Book through Chase (1.5 cents per point value): You can redeem points for travel by calling the number on the back of your card, or by logging into, clicking “Ultimate Rewards“, and then selecting: Use Points.. Explore & Book Travel.
  2. Transfer points to an airline or hotel program, then book award flights or award stays (point value varies). Chase currently supports the following transfer partners (find full details here):
    • Airlines: Air France, British Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest, United, Virgin Atlantic
    • Hotels: Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton [Note: IHG, Marriott, and Ritz points are usually worth less than a penny each towards hotel stays. Therefore, you would usually be better off booking through Chase]

You can move points from other Chase cards to your Sapphire Reserve account.  This can make the points more valuable when used for travel.  It is always possible to move points from one card to another if you own each of the cards, but it is also sometimes possible to move points from one person’s card to another.  For full details see: Chase point transfer rules made simple [Infographic].

Card Perk Details

Points worth 1.5 cents each when used to purchase travel.

With most bank programs, points are worth 1 cents each.  For example, usually a $300 car rental would cost 30,000 points. With the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, though, points are worth 50% more.  So, a $300 car rental would cost only 20,000 points.

You can redeem points for travel by calling the number on the back of your card, or by logging into, clicking “Ultimate Rewards“, and then select: Use Points.. Explore & Book Travel.

$300 in annual travel credits

  • Those who signed up for the card prior to May 21 2017:
    • The $300 in travel credits is available each calendar year.
    • The calendar year is determined by your statement closing date, not by the date of purchase.  For example, if your statement closes on December 15th, then a travel purchase made on December 16th would count towards next year’s travel credits.  Chase statement close dates for personal credit cards are typically 3 days after the next month’s due date.  For example, if your January due date is January 25th, then your statement close date is most likely December 28th.
  • Those who sign up for the card on or after May 21 2017:
    • The $300 in travel credits is available each membership year.
    • Membership year is defined as follows: “Annual means the year beginning with your account open date through the first statement date after your account open date anniversary, and the 12 monthly billing cycles after that each year.
  • Authorized user travel charges are reimbursed, but they count towards the same $300 travel credit per account.  In other words, you cannot get more than $300 back in total by adding authorized users.
  • Any charge that codes as travel will be reimbursed (up to $300 per calendar year, total).
  • Both large and small travel purchases count.  Small purchases will be reimbursed until a total of $300 has been reimbursed in a calendar year.  Large purchases will be reimbursed up to $300.

Merchants that count towards 3X travel rewards and $300 travel credits

Chase lists the following merchants as travel providers:

  • Airlines, hotels, motels, timeshares, campgrounds, car rental agencies, cruise lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, and operators of passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges and highways, and parking lots and garages.

Global Entry or TSA Pre Fee Credit

  • Simply pay the $100 Global Entry application fee or $85 TSA Pre application fee with the Sapphire Reserve card and the fee will be automatically reimbursed.
  • You can get reimbursed once every 4 years
  • Authorized user cards do not get additional fee credits
  • You can gift the once per 4 year fee credit to another person, but they would have to be an authorized user on your account, or you would have to let them use your credit card number to pay for their application.

Airport Lounge Access

  • Cardholders are granted membership to Priority Pass Select.
  • Guests: Unlimited number of travel companions are allowed in for free to most lounges. However, some lounges impose their own limit to number of guests.
  • Authorized Users: Authorized users get their own Priority Pass Select membership and can bring in travel companions as well.

How to sign up for Priority Pass Select once you have the Sapphire Reserve card:


  1. Log into your account
  2. Click “Go to Ultimate Rewards”
  3. If you have multiple Ultimate Rewards cards, select the Sapphire Reserve card (otherwise you won’t be asked to select a card)
  4. Select Use Points… Card Benefits, from the menu at the top.
  5. Find the box labelled “Airport Lounge Access” and click “Activate Now”


Travel Insurance

The Sapphire Reserve includes top of the line travel insurance coverage:

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Primary coverage up to $75K
  • Roadside Assistance: $50 limit per service; 4X per year limit; Must be 50 miles away from home

With each of the following, you’re covered even if you only pay partially for transportation (or award fees) with your card:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Up to $10K per person, up to $20K per trip
  • 6 hour trip delay: Up to $500 per ticket
  • Lost luggage: Up to $3,000 per person
  • Baggage delay: Up to $100 per day for up to 5 days
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Up to $1,000,000
  • Emergency Evacuation and Transportation: Up to $100K
  • Emergency Medical and Dental: Up to $2,500 with $50 deductible

For more details, please see:

Rental car privileges and discounts

  • National Emerald Club Executive status (which lets you select car from Executive aisle when you book a mid sized car)
  • National save up to 25%
  • Avis save up to 30%
  • Silvercar save 30%

Chase Sapphire Reserve Rental Car Benefits


Have questions about the Chase Sapphire Reserve?  Please comment below.

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[…] For more information on the Sapphire Reserve, see: Chase Sapphire Reserve Complete Guide […]


Any chance that UR points from CSP or Freedom cards will transfer to these UR points?


[…] For background regarding the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, please see our new resource guide: Chase Sapphire Reserve Complete Guide. […]


[…] For more information on this card and its benefits, see: Chase Sapphire Reserve Complete Guide […]


Denied 7/24 too many accounts opened last 24 months. I believe I become eligible Jan 2017 if I don’t open any more accounts. Any advantage to upgrading CSP to CSR then closing the account in order to get the bonus once eligible or not worth the risk?


hey everyone. I was worried i was going to get denied for CSR due to the 5/24 rule. I have four credit cards opened within 24 months and still open and one credit card opened/closed within 24 months which I thought based on the rule would make me ineligible but I was approved online today. Just some more info to throw out there…


Does the GLOBAL Entry Fee credit cover the NEXUS pass as well?


I read Global Entry includes TSA pre check so why apply only for TSA pre check to save $15 ?


When do they actually charge the annual fee?


Chase Sapphire Reserve card account opened 09/02,
$450 annual fee charged 10/01


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If i bought my TSA with my Chase Sapphire Preferred, would they still reimburse me now that I’ve gotten reserve?

Babetta Daigle

If I book a $300 flight and get the $300 credit … does that $300 count to required $4000 spend?

Same for $100 global entry charge and credit?



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[…] Don’t tell my wife, but I’m kinda in love with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.  Yes it comes with a hefty $450 annual fee, but for anyone who spends a decent amount of money each year on travel, the card’s annual $300 travel credit effectively brings the annual fee down to $150.  That’s tolerable considering that the card offers 3X points for travel & dining, 1.5 cents per point travel value, Priority Pass Select lounge membership (with unlimited guests), Global Entry fee reimbursement, etc. […]


What if I not able to spend $4000 in 3 months ? Is there anyway that I can send money to myself only?


If part of an award ticket(fees/taxes) is paid using Reserve are you covered for trip delay/cancellation insurance?

I read this:
“Covered Trip also includes covered trips awarded from frequent flier
or points programs provided that all of the miles or points were
accumulated from charges on the Insured Person’s Account.”

It was on page 18 here:



I was just approved for the reserve card today. I read that the calendar year ends/begins in Dec.
Do the 100,000 reward points expire? Do they need to be used before the new year begins or will they just sit in my account for as long as I have the card?

Sam Shah

Does Reserve Priority Pass allow AU to bring in the family to a lounge without $27 PP charge?


Do I have it right that if I got the Sapphire Reserve card in November I will be charged immediately for the $450 and then come January 2017 will be charged $450 again? And at the same time I would be eligible for the $300 travel credit within 2016 (before my statement closes for December)…?


[…] Reserve card is awesome for many reasons, but I won’t bore you with a list right now (you can find full details here if you insist). Instead, I’ll bore you with a single reason: 1.5 cents per point value towards travel.  […]

Ed Nunez

I’ve had the card for a month. How do you enroll in the Priority Pass program? Can’t seem to find a link.



Greg\ (or reader). You do a GREAT job and I want to show my support. Where on your blog are the link(s) where when I sign up, you get the credit? Sorry, it is not too obvious and I want to ensure I hit the right link.

BTW – please respond ASAP as I want to sign up this morning but spent too much time looking for the link and weekend things keep popping up.

Christine Pincince

THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US….I took your advice and signed up for the two best cards….yikes $900 and hoping to recover it by following your sage advice,,, so with the sapphire reserve does the travel credit of $300 kick in for the deposit on a cruise paid yesterday that sails in Janurary? thank you


[…] credit cards… Citibank announced a huge devaluation to their Prestige card.  Soon after, Chase released their new blockbuster Sapphire Reserve Card, with its 100K signup bonus, 3X earnings ….  At around the same time, Chase increased the annual fee for their Ritz Carlton credit card, […]


Does this mean that I can get $600 in travel credits within 1 $450 annual fee year? Would uber qualify as travel even if it was paid through paypal? Thanks


Love the blog! Quick question before I apply through you links.

Can I just buy a $300 SouthWest gift card from their website using the CSReserve and expect to be automatically reimbursed? Are there other airline gift cards that would work the same way, like AA?

Many thanks!

matthew goldman

I’m like 10/24 and I was approved 🙂


If I purchase $300 worth of miles would that count for the $300 reimbursement? I know purchasing miles isn’t ideal, but if I get the card and only have a short time before the December statement closes, and don’t have travel planned, might as well use the $300 for something…


Received my card and nowhere in the materials does it mention the 100k point sign up bonus, nor does it mention it when I click on the “how to earn points” on chase website. All other perks from your post (300 annual travel credit, 3x on travel and dining, priority pass select, etc) was shown. Am I the unlucky guy that doesn’t get the bonus?


Has anyone been able to confirm if travel spend that gets reimbursed by the travel credit count towards the minimum spend?

Also, once the minimum spend is met, how soon until the points are viewable?

Eric W

I believe I will pass the 5/24 rule next month so if I apply for the card on Dec 1st, will I be able to receive my 300 travel reimbursement (assuming I have travel plans already)? So basically if I open my account early December, will there be a statement closing day in December or it will just skip to January 2017? Thank you!


Reserve app denied for 5/24 ~ 6 weeks ago.

Walked in branch to open Private Client account. Branch rep looked up my info which stated I was “Pre-Approved” for the card. He then called to assist me in opening the account and was told that I was denied again for the card even thought I was “Pre-Approved” and regardless if I was “Private Client” or not. Reason given was 5/24 rule.

Credit score in 700s, no debt or credit problems.

Any thoughts?


I know these questions have all been answered above in some form or another, but want to make sure I understand by asking in own way.

If I am approved for the CSR on 11/11 and first closing date is 12/11, or somewhere there, I would have one month to spend $300 on travel for the travel credit?

After that first closing period, I will then have another $300 credit because it would be for 2017 travel year?

I will be charged the $450 on 11/11/16, and then another $450 on 11/11/17?

Overall, is it worth getting this late in 2016? Or, by getting it now am I effectively wasting the $450?



Hi Greg,

Last night I made a payment with my CSR for Global Entry. But, it has not been reimbursed yet. (I was told many travel expenses are reimbursed on same day) How long does it takes for automatic reimbursement? Do I have to call them and let them know about reimbursing my Global Entry fee?

Thank you!


I have a S preferred card and just paid the annual fee 2 months ago. If I get approved for the SR, would they give me credit towards the annual fee (tif I close the SP account?) thank you.


Does paying for car insurance on your personal auto count as travel for $300 credit purposes?


Hi Greg,
I assume it is full access to Priority Club lounges. Have you heard from anyone on this? I have Priority ‘Select’ with my Hilton card and in the fine print THAT cards priority select lets you PAY $27. to enter their lounges.
Thanks for any information.


It’s free Priority Club access for you and your guests.


Do you think the 100,000 Bonus Offer will last until the end of the year/beginning 2017? I want to apply for the CSR as late as possible because it better fits my travel/spending plans for 2017. But if historically these offers don’t roll over into the following year I will apply ASAP.


Hey Greg, Does the $300 travel credit count towards the $4000 spending requirement? Thanks!


Great. Thanks Greg!

Jay Liu

Thanks for the informative article! One question is, can travel expenses BOTH be covered by the 300 dollar credit AND earn 3x points? My guess is not.


Just got my $300 credit and my travel charged earned full 3x points on the purchase

Anil Kumar

Hi Greg,

I appreciate you responding all the posts here. I’ve received my CSR card on 12/16 and I didn’t realized about the $300 travel Credit. If I buy the SW gift card today, Assuming I get the $300 travel credit as per the posts.

My question now is , Can I also get the travel credit when I make a travel purchase in 2017 year ?. I didn’t have any statement generated yet

Happy New Year

Best Regards,


Does spending the $100 for global entry fee count towards the minmimum spend. I know they reimburse the fee but just wondering if it will count towards the $4000.


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Does the $450 Annual Fee get charged to the card right away and then you can pay it off with the first billing period or do you have to pay it up front?


Hi Greg,
I found your blog and now I’m thinking of getting this Chase Sapphire Reserve card today. Hope you’re checking for comments!

I already have the Chase United Mileage Plus card, where my UA miles don’t expire as long as there’s activity. Will getting the CSR card negatviely affect my other Chase card, i.e. causing those miles to have an expiry date? Or these 2 are considered separate, independent credit cards?

Have you compared using the CSR points to buy an airfare ticket versus buying from a site like Expedia, which airfare cost comes out cheaper?

Thanks so much!


Is a card for my wife considered an authorized user and cost $75 ? Can I get card with her name and same number and not pay $75 like on current CSP card?



Hey, is paying for bags included in the $300 a year in travel?


Hi Greg –

If I purchase travel through the Ultimate Rewards site and pay using points and the balance on the Chase card, do they charges on the Chase card qualify for the $300 credit?


Hi Greg,
Just got turned down for the card base on the 5/24 rule. Apparently, cards that you are an authorized user for also count towards that, as well. I had only opened 3 cards, but was an authorized user on 2 of my wife’s cards, and I got rejected for “too many cards opened in the last 24 months”.

Also, the reconsideration # has changed. It’s now 888-270-2127.


Alkis Hadjiosif

Hi Greg, (and readers)

great summary! I got approved online today, with the 50,000 point bonus. Then I realized branches are still offering the 100,000 point bonus through this Saturday. I talked to customer service and they said if I want that, I could cancel the current card and then I could go apply at a branch – will my credit be penalized in such a case, or re-approval might be not guaranteed? (The other catch is that the closest chase branch is in another state, and I would be spending about $200 to get there by train.)



[…] you may recall, the Chase Sapphire Reserve set the credit card world on fire this past fall with it’s colossal 100K Ultimate Rewards […]


Is this card still worth it with the lower sign up bonus of 50K?

Nick Reyes

Not when you can still get 100K in-branch. The offer is still alive until either tomorrow or Sunday. If you’re looking to apply, get to your branch today or tomorrow.


My closest branch is an hour and a half away. It’s kinda risky, I feel, to drive all that way and possibly get denied or something. Is there any ability to call the branch and apply over the phone you think?

Nick Reyes

I doubt you will be able to get the 100K bonus by calling. However, even if I put it at a 5% chance of success, that’s still five clicks better than the 0% chance if you don’t call and try.
But I understand — not sure I’d plan a 3-hour round trip around a CC application that may or may not be successful. In fact, I’m pretty sure that between the value of your time and gas and the chance of both being a total waste if denied, the math on that probably doesn’t work out.
To answer your original question then: Is it still worth it at 50K? At the end of the day, you still get $600 in travel credits in your first year for a $450 annual fee. Assuming you cancel or downgrade, it’s a $150 payday plus 50K Chase Ultimate Rewards points. If there had never been a 100K offer, I’d say that sounds pretty good to me. Many people look at the Sapphire Preferred as being a great card to get, and it comes with the same number of bonus points (plus an extra 5K for an AU), but no $150 money-maker on year one and 1 less point per dollar on travel. Looking at it from that perspective, the 50K offer on the CSR still looks good.
But I think you’ll be hard pressed for someone who feels enthusiastic about 50K on the heels of a 100K offer. Hard to tell you what makes sense for you, but that’s my $0.02.

Brian P Klot

Thanks, Nick! I appreciate all of the help and advice!


Good read: How Chase make money out of this card.


Last year I got the Chase Reserve Card when the bonus was at 100,000 points I already had the Chase Preferred card and had not used my bonus points from it so I combined the bonus points giving me 150,000 plus what I earned from my spending. I then cancelled my Chase Preferred card. If I were to apply for the Chase Preferred would I be eligible for the present offer of 50,000 sign up bonus points? It has been less than a year since I cancelled the CP but it has been 2 years since I received the bonus points from that card. Thanks.


[…] responded to Chase’s blockbuster new Sapphire Reserve card with a few terrific changes to their Platinum cards.  Their personal Platinum cards now earn 5 […]

Steve Clair

I have the chase preferred sapphire reserve card. Three different times on three different airline web sites, not discount sites, airline sites, I received a better travel deal with points.
Let’s say Southwest round trip on its web site was 15,000 points, the travel site on the back of my card wanted 20,000 points. What happened to the 1.5 savings?
All three times they were higher,
What am I doing wrong?


[…] from 2 cents per point to just over 1.5 cents per point.  I can get that value every day from my Sapphire Reserve card, or even my new Altitude Reserve card.  And those two cards don’t make you wait around to […]


I recently added my wife as an AU on my Sapphire Reserve card. Since I already have activated the Priority Lounge membership, does she automatically get a membership card sent to her, or do I have to call and request it?


Hey Greg,

Very informative post! Like many people, we all signed up for the card around the same time last year and it’s getting close to that time period where we need to decide on whether to keep or cancel the card.

I still have my 100K bonus points, plus about 80K from my Freedom card (180K total). I likely won’t be traveling anytime soon. If I understand correctly, in order for us to have the 1.5 point valuation, we need to keep this card alive in order to book through the travel portal at the better rate? If I transfer the UR points to my Freedom card, it will then be reduced to 1 point valuation, correct? Another option is to transfer the points to a partner airline and that will also keep the 1.5 point valuation?

Just seeing whether it’s worth to keep the account open. If not, what’s the best path to move my points to.

Thank you!

Steve clair

Not sure, how they get away with advertising using points for travel at a bargain.
3 times I called and checked the internet about how many points it would take to travel.
All 3 times booking with the airline was a better deal.
Not a little either. Last week I booked a flight on line for 10k points. Chase wanted 37k points.
What happened to 50% better travel with Saphire Reserve?

Steve clair

Let me ask this a different way, has anybody received 1.5 advantage for using the chase travel site?
If so, how did you do it.
See above where even with this 1.5 it is many more miles then my booking directly through the airline web site.
I must be doing something wrong but would love to get it right:)


[…] For more information on this card and its benefits, see: Chase Sapphire Reserve Complete Guide. […]



I recently got the Sapphire Reserve card and noticed the $450 along with a $75 fee I’m assuming is a AU fee. I’m the sole user of my card, I need to pay a $75 fee for myself as well? or is this an error on their part?



Can I get some clarity about existing sapphire preferred holders? Can we not get the 50k bonus anymore to upgrade?


If I purchase the card today and spend 300$ in travel next week do I automatically get reimbursed? Or do I have to wait till the end of the purchase year for this the credit?


Hi Greg, I have a vacation planned and the invoice payments are through PayPal. If I use my CSR to pay the invoice, will that count as credit or cash advance?

Daniel Aldridge

Appreciate your insights… I got the CSR card on Jan 7 2017 and my 1st statement closed on 2/1/17…All subsequent statements closed on the 1st of the month… So, it appears getting the $300 travel credit a 2nd time before my renewal is not possible. My 12th billing statement will be Dec 2 – Jan 1… Am I interpreting that correctly? Appreciate the info…

Nick Reyes

Your annual fee won’t post until your February 2018 statement and then Chase normally gives you 30 days from the day it posts to cancel and get the fee back.


Great article, thank you! I’m into the third month and close to spending 4K in purchases. However I live overseas where the local currency is not US dollar. I noticed in the offer details that Purchases that go towards earning the 50K bonus point do not include, among other categories, “foreign currency”. It is not clear to me if this means that all my purchases will not count, because they are actually made in foreign currency. Chase then converts them to US dollar. I hope this makes sense and would appreciate some insight on this.