5% off eBay Gift Cards – Stack with Portal & Possible 5X

ebay gift cards

GiftCardMall via eBay is selling $100 eBay gift cards for $95. Unfortunately they have imposed a limit of 1 card per eBay user.

Remember to start your purchase through a portal for additional savings. You may also be able to earn 5X points on this purchase as well with the Chase Ink card.

These gift cards are popular since they can be used to purchase other gift cards or merchandise on eBay at a discount. For that reason deals like this tend to sell out fairly quickly.

Update: SVMGiftCards is also selling $100 ExxonMobil gift cards for $90 with a limit of 3. (I don’t have any data points as to whether gift cards purchased from SVMGiftCards earn 5X rewards with the Chase Ink.)

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Thanks. Well, this feels a bit silly, but I did just get some $50 ebay gift cards for $40 at Lowes on that AMEX deal, so I might as well make another 8 1/2 % on them (5% off + 2% ebay bucks + 1.5% cashback) by “flipping” them with this offer.

BTW, I had my wife open her own ebay account a few months ago to take advantage of these “limit 1” kind of deals. I assume ebay wouldn’t care? It’s not “one per household” right?


The safest thing to guarantee 5X ink chase points is to FIRST buy the ebay gift card from paypal_digital_gifts from a portal such as topcashback or ebates. Then, after you get the email, the code will be ready to use within few hours. Then you go back again via the portal and buy the Exxon Mobil gift card using the ebay card. This will get you cashback + you will be left with $10 on your ebay gift card for future purchases. I have done this many times and have gotten cashback for both ebay GC as well as for purchases using ebay GC. This way you are guaranteed 5X ink chase points.