More LIVE questions answered and Greg’s weirdly deep voice


Yesterday, Nick and I were live on Youtube with our first weekly “Ask us anything” show (Click play above to watch the recording).  One thing we learned from our first show is that we need to answer questions faster.  We only managed to get to a handful of questions before the hour was up.  We’ll do better next time, but for now here are answers to many of the questions that were asked via YouTube Live…

Answer: YES

The answer to the following questions is “yes”…

  • Hi Nick, is Greg a good boss? Be honest.
  • Does Nick make his bed everyday?
  • When this is over do you think we will see the very generous promotions from hotel companies like we did in 2008-2010?
  • Any concerns with banks tightening algorithms for Bust Out risk on new cards?
  • Is it wise to book a trip for 4(family) NOW that prices are down (ewr-lax june29th – 7/7th ) $1330 vs $2800 from last year ? with new cancel polices from airlines?
  • Last week you said to jump on the Citi Premier bonus as you are sure it’ll go away. Do you still believe that since a week changes a lot these days?
  • Grrrrrreat job Carrie!
  • More hats!

Answer: NO

The answer to the following questions is “no”…

  • Greg… Do you keep closed credit cards and gift cards as a memento or trophy from this hobby?
  • Greg, can you tell us your secret gift card liquidation method?

Answer: MAYBE

The answer to the following questions is “maybe”…

  • Do you feel that Delta will change the requirements for achieving Diamond and other tiers for 2021?
  • What do you think of banks killing affiliates for most cards? Are we about to see significantly lower sign up bonuses?
  • Greg and Nick, you mentioned in a recent post that Amex is giving more time to meet minimum spend requirements. Is Chase doing the same? If so, for all products or just some? [Answer: No published extension (yet), but you may get an extension by asking]
  • With airlines facing such uncertainty, do you think a wise course of action would be to keep credit card points and spend down reserve airline miles?
  • Worth it to get Amex Bonvoy Biz for the extra 15 night of elite credit even if not eligible for sign up bonus?

Greg’s Mysterious Deep Voice

What happened to his voice

Greg’s voice sounds different, just me?


Your voice!

He must have pressed something to make him sound like a perp

I looked up at the video and was like who is asking that question, is there a third person?

Looking into it folks! (The good news is, strangely lowered voice is not a corona virus symptom!)

Greg looks fine, but sounds drunk lol

Thats not greg….

that’s for sure lol

Parallel universe Greg?

He’s been hitting the club lounge in him home

greg lol

Greg went Harrison Ford Air Force One voice.

I keep on expecting Greg to pull off his mask and behind the mask is the Points Guy

Greg sounds like a classic baritone!

No don’t change it. Its entertaining

I was working and thought a new person was talking!!!!!

Ha, I like the new voice.

Yeah we can understand everything he’s saying

And viewers didn’t like it when I fixed my mic problem…

Now he’s a tenor


sounds like the chipmunks

kind of miss the low voice now….

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