Great deal at Adorama on Canon DSLR with extras using Amex Offer


There is currently a very good deal at Adorama for a Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, the PIXMA Pro-100 printer, and photo paper. That entire bundle will be $625 after rebate and Amex Offer. For reference, that’s $250 less than the camera/lens bundle alone on

How to get it for $625

Step 1 – Sync the Amex Offer

If you haven’t yet synced it, you’ll want to sync one of the following Amex Offers for maximum savings:

For tips on syncing to multiple cards, see our Complete Guide to Amex Offers before you sync it to one card.

Step 2 – Go to

Next, you’ll need to go to to click the link to this camera. Slickdeals sometimes has their own rebates and in others they have unique coupon codes. In this case, it’s a unique coupon code. You’ll need to click through their Link in order for the coupon code to apply. Clicking through a shopping portal will not work.We are not at all affiliated with Slickdeals – this is just a good deal I wanted to share with readers to make good use of this Amex offer. Slickdeals obviously gets a commission from Adorama, and in exchange you get $200 more off the camera. That seems like a good trade to me.

Here is the link to Slickdeals

Click their link to the camera page on

As you can see, the kit above includes the camera with lens, printer, and photo paper. Once you add it to your cart, you can apply promotion code SDMAY2017 to bring the price down to $999. Again, make sure you went through the Slickdeals link to get to that page.

To add the promotion code, on the checkout screen, click where it says “Do you have a gift card or promo code?” above the payment methods. A field will appear to add the promo code.

After the code is applied, the price will drop to $999:

Step 4 – Check out, trigger Amex Offer, do rebate

You will check out at $999. That should trigger the Amex Offer (though perhaps not immediately — see “Can you stack with a gift card?” below). That should make the camera a net $974 after Amex Offer.

Next, back in that Slickdeals thread, you’ll find a link for this rebate form. Download that sooner rather than later. It is valid for purchases until May 31st — after that point, Slickdeals often changes the link. You can also pre-submit the rebate at Canon’s website. Note that while the rebate is valid until May 31st, this particular coupon won’t last that long.

For the rebate you will need:

  1. Signed rebate form (either the one you downloaded above or the pre-submitted form printed and signed if you went to Canon’s website to get it started now)
  2. Full UPC Codes from both the printer box and the camera box. Do not attempt to peel the stickers off — you must cut through the box and submit the UPC stickers still attached to cardboard. The idea is that they want to force you to put a hole in the box.
  3. The rebate form does not ask for the UPC code to the photo paper. I’ve done many of these rebates. I’ve never submitted the photo paper UPC and I have always received the rebate.

When I submit a rebate like this, I staple the UPCs to the rebate form and outline the cardboard in highlighter or marker. That’s probably a little overboard. However, I once had a rebate declined for not having the UPC included. I had definitely included it, but I hadn’t stapled it together. I’ve been extra careful since and have submitted many of these rebates without any further issues.

The rebate will arrive in the form of a $350 Amex gift card.

Can you stack with a gift card?

When I set out to write this post, I intended to make this purchase a bit differently and save an additional $25. I see that Adorama does not allow you to use more than one gift card in checkout (according to the terms I read). If you have a gift card and it does not cover the balance, you must pay the remainder with a credit card. My plan in this case was to buy a $250 Adorama gift card with an Amex synced with the offer — triggering my first $25 off. Then, I would use that gift card in conjunction with another Amex synced with the offer to pay the balance at checkout. That would trigger Amex Offer #2 — and in the end, I would save $50 and get the bundle for a net cost of $600 (valuing the $350 rebate card at face value).

However, I checked out with a $250 gift card last night and have not yet received it from Adorama. My order online shows as “pending” on the Adorama site. I know that Adorama’s store and customer service are closed on Saturdays. I expected that the gift card would be automatically processed. Assuming now that it requires human intervention, I don’t anticipate that I will receive it until Monday — and I imagine this deal will be dead by then. At any rate, I wouldn’t be alarmed if you place an order for this camera today and do not immediately receive the email from Amex confirming that you triggered the offer.  I am hypothesizing that orders aren’t being processed until Monday.

Bottom line

This is a very good deal for this camera setup. The printer often goes for about $150 on Craigslist, or you can sometimes get a bit more if you part it out and sell the ink cartridges and print heads separately. Assuming you sell the printer for even $100, you’re at $525 for a nice DSLR setup that normally goes for quite a bit more. A DSLR isn’t for everyone, but if you’re in the market this is a good deal. You might even be able to sell all of the parts and pieces for a little bit of profit. I used deals like this to help meet minimum spend many times in the past. Just be careful to submit all of the components correctly for the rebate and submit it on time. The rebates typically take 6-8 weeks to arrive, so you need to be able to float that additional $350 for that time period.

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