Guest Posts on Frequent Miler

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Frequent Miler, please read this guide…

What we want

Any topics related to points, miles, travel, elite status, or deals are fair game.  We will give priority to posts that are most entertaining or informative, or both.  I encourage you to write about things that you are passionate about.  Is there something (among the topics listed above) that you just can’t stop thinking about?  That’s probably a good choice for a topic.

What we don’t want

We don’t want commercial content.  By that I mean, we definitely don’t want companies to submit guest posts discussing their own products.  We don’t want individuals to submit posts with the goal of earning referrals.  If posts help with Frequent Miler’s own business, that’s great, but we won’t give preferential treatment to those (for example, if you know that we have an affiliate link for a certain credit card, writing about that card will not make your post more likely to be approved).

How to submit your post

Email your post to: guestposts at

All post content, including images, must be either in an attached Microsoft Word document or in a Google Docs document.

In the email, include a brief introductory paragraph, not for publication. In this introduction, let us know if you’ve published with any other blogs, websites, or publications.  Also let us know how you would like to be named if we publish your post.  For example, we could include your full name, just your first name, a handle you use frequently online, etc.

Content rules

  • All written content must be original and written by you.  One exception: you may quote a phrase, sentence, or short paragraph as long as you include a link to the original content and fully attribute that content to the original author.
  • All images must be created by you or taken as photos by you.  One exception: you may include images that are in the common domain and are explicitly “free for commercial use”, and with “no attribution required”. is a good source for these images.

Guest authorship agreement

If you submit a guest post to Frequent Miler, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  1. You attest that the content in whole or in part has not been submitted to any other blog, website, forum, or publication.
  2. You agree that you may not submit this content in whole or in part to any other blog, website, forum, or publication unless you have received notice from Frequent Miler that we will not publish your post; or if you have not heard from us either way, you may email us to withdraw your submission.
  3. Upon publication, Frequent Miler assumes 100% copyright to the content


We pay with points.  We will gift between 1,000 and 5,000 SPG points* for guest posts that we publish.  The number of points awarded will depend upon our subjective judgment of the value of the post.  For example, a very brief Quick Deal style post will likely be awarded the minimum 1,000 points whereas an in-depth resource post may be granted the full 5,000 points.

* With the Marriott SPG merger, it is likely that we will have to switch to a different points system in the future for compensation.


Please comment below, or email questions to guestposts at