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Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who… – REO Speedwagon

I have an unconfirmed report from a person with a friend “in the know” that on November 11, the Ink Plus signup offer will improve.  Reportedly, the spend requirement to get 50,000 points will drop from the current $10K in 3 months to only $5K.  My source thinks that the Ink Bold offer may improve as well.

Reason to believe

A couple of weeks ago, the Ink Plus sign-up page temporarily showed this better offer when accessed from affiliate web sites like mine.  This proved to be an error, and Chase quickly shut down that page.  However, new sign-up offers can’t just appear out of thin air (I don’t think).  Instead, it seems likely that Chase was preparing this new offer and accidentally released it too soon.

Now, while I do believe the better offer is coming, I don’t know if November 11th is really a date set in stone.  Even if Chase has given that date to employees, that doesn’t mean things won’t change between now and then.  That being said, I have no reason to disbelieve the date, so I’d give it better than even odds.  Plus, my friend Carol will be turning 50 on that date, so that can’t be a coincidence can it?

Seeing it coming

If Chase holds true to form, affiliates (i.e. bloggers like me) will be told a day or two ahead of time that they must disable their sign-up links to the Ink Plus (and to any other card affected) on a certain date.  At that point, you’ll see a slew of blog posts contemplating the meaning of this (e.g. “Will the sign-up bonus get better or worse?”,  “Is Chase changing the bonus categories of the card?”,  etc.)*.

* Answer key: 1) Better; 2) No

Which Ink offers will change?

Immediately after the accidental launch of the new Ink Plus sign-up offer, affiliates were told to disable links to the Ink Plus, Ink Cash, and Ink Classic, but not the Ink Bold.  The next day, the links were restored.  I thought it was strange at the time that the Ink Bold was excluded.  My guess now is that the Ink Bold may be the only Ink card in which the signup offer stays the same.  Hopefully we’ll see improved offers not just for the Plus, but for the Cash and Classic cards too.  Note, again, that this is just speculation on my part.

What to do?

If you’re thinking of signing up for an Ink card, you can simply wait until November 11 (or so) and see what happens.  If you’re eager to get an Ink card right away, though, I’d recommend the Ink Plus over the others.  The reason is that the Plus is the card most likely to get a better offer, and Chase is usually very nice about letting people switch to the better offer if they applied recently.  If you’ve already signed up for the Ink Plus, wait for the better offer to appear and then call or send a secure message to Chase asking if they can switch you to that offer.

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