Is the chase on for churners? A hotel room hack, Platinum to the rescue and more

In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, we have an indication that Chase may be after the churners, with stories of shutdowns accumulating and some even suggesting an effort to lure in churners with specific offers. In travel hacking, find a resource for how to adjust your thermostat when you can’t quite get the temperature right, and if you’re playing the credit card game in multi-player mode, you’ll want to check out the post on combining rewards with Wells Fargo.

Churners, Think Twice Before Applying for a Chase Credit Card

Is Chase going after churners? Recent anecdotal evidence suggests that those who aggressively open credit cards are running into trouble after opening a new Chase card that is not subject to 5/24. The majority of accounts I’ve read have been from people who have opened more than 10 cards in the past year and then opened a Chase card to which 5/24 does not apply (e.g. the Iberia card). Some theorize that Chase is after the churners, and Doctor of Credit offers this post as a warning: the speed limit with Chase may be dropping, so keep your eye out for the long arm of the ban hammer.

How To Override Hotel Thermostat Settings

Have you ever been in a hotel room and just been unable to get the temperature adjusted comfortably? Sharon at Your Mileage May Vary put together a resource showing how to override the most popular brands of thermostats used in hotels, including pictures and links to YouTube videos. I’ll be honest: I’ve never thought of going to YouTube to figure out how to hack the thermostat. Now I’m not saying that you should, and in addition to the practical considerations in terms of maybe breaking something that costs more than the room to fix there are environmental considerations, etc. But I know that there have been at least a few times over the years when my room was just downright uncomfortable for one reason or another, and maybe this post will come in handy the next time I find myself in that spot.

[Off Topic] How American Express and Chase helped me fix my mountain bike.

It’s always a nice surprise when your credit card helps you out of an unexpected jam. This post from Windbag miles is a reminder that your credit card isn’t just for 3x earning or Fine Hotels & Resorts, but can come in handy in more practical and tactical situations as well.

Why and How: Transfering Wells Fargo Rewards Between Accounts

The Wells Fargo cards don’t get a lot of press in the frequent flyer community, but they have long been popular with a subset of big spenders. This post from Milenomics runs down one of the reasons Wells Fargo might be worth a look: combining rewards with Wells is one of the easier processes among currencies that can be transferred person-to-person, provided you know how to do it. This can be especially helpful if you’re in multi-player mode.

That’s it for this week around the web. Check back soon for this week’s last chance deals.

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Environmental considerations for lowering the ac a degree or two. LOL. C’mon…

Sharon Kurheg
Sharon Kurheg

Thanks for the shout out! Speaking of hotel thermostat hacks – we’re at the Waldorf=Astoria in Key West for a 2-night stay (2 free nights for signing up for the Citi Hilton card that Joe says doesn’t exist anymore – I have no idea…he writes about points and miles and I get to write about fun stuff like thermostat hacks LOL). Anyway, INNCOM thermostat said it was 70 degrees but it was SO NOT! Used the hack, saw it was actually set to 72 and changed it to 68. Worked like a charm ;-).
All the best from Sharon at 🙂


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