Kohl’s Double Dip


More than 22 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar are possible at Kohl’s.

In my recent post Crank Up the Black Friday Discounts at Kohls I showed how to save more than 50% when shopping at Kohl’s, even for their most highly discounted and clearance items. Today, I’ll describe how to crank it up another notch to get the total savings closer to 70%! The trick is to do the Ultimate Rewards Mall “Double Dip“. This is where you navigate through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Kohls.com once to buy gift cards (for yourself), and then go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall a second time to buy Kohl’s items using your gift cards. Kohl’s offers 10 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar until the end of this year, so this method will get you 20 Ultimate Rewards points for each dollar spent! Plus, you get another 1 point per dollar for using your Chase Sapphire Preferred card, and then you get an end of year bonus of 7% which comes to another 1.47 points. All of this adds up to an astounding 22.47 points per dollar! If you value Ultimate Rewards points conservatively at 1.5 cents each then this amounts to a 33.7% rebate off of all of your Kohl’s purchases!


This double dip technique shouldn’t work. The Kohl’s Terms and Conditions in the Ultimate Rewards Mall are clear: “Not eligible on gift cards“. However, despite that wording, the double dip has worked for me. I have received points for buying and using gift cards from Kohl’s. Today, a reader has confirmed that he too has received points for gift card purchases made as recently as November 22. So, the double dip has worked and probably will work for you, but be warned that there is some risk of not receiving points.

If, despite the caution, you would like to try to get up to 70% savings at Kohl’s, follow these steps:


First, you need a Chase credit card that will give you access to the Ultimate Rewards Mall. I highly recommend the Chase SapphireSM Preferred Card because it is the only card that will give you an annual bonus of 7% of all points earned each calendar year. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up with this link. I will get a small commission if you use my link, but you’ll get the same best offer available anywhere. I promise I would recommend this card with or without the referral commission. In fact, I have recommended it many times prior to my signing up for a referral network.

Step 1: Go to the Ultimate Rewards Mall

Navigate to ultimaterewards.com/mall.

Step 2: Find Kohl’s, click “Shop Now”, and buy Gift Cards

Ideally you will know ahead of time roughly how much you intend to spend at Kohls. Buy enough gift cards to cover your purchases. So far this technique has only been tried with physical gift cards, but if you’re feeling lucky it might also work with e-gift cards which would allow you to complete all of your shopping in one day instead of waiting for a few days for the gift cards to arrive.

Step 3: Go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall again to Kohls.com

Once you have your gift cards in hand, go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall, find Kohls, and click “Shop Now”. Fill your basket with whatever you want to buy.

Step 4: Check Out: Apply Gift Card and Coupon Code

The check-out screen will allow you to apply your gift card numbers towards your purchase. It will also allow you to enter a coupon code. Currently, coupon code CON20HH4 will give you a 20% discount! If that doesn’t work, search online for current codes. Kohl’s almost always has coupon codes worth 15% to 20% off.

Step 5: Count Your Savings

Let’s say you find $125 worth of heavily discounted merchandise that you want to buy. The CON20HH4 code will give you 20% off and free shipping, so your total will come to $100 before taxes. You will also receive 100 * 22.47 = 2,247 Ultimate Rewards points, worth about $33 (based on a conservative estimate of 1.5 cents value per point). Based on a current promotion, you may also receive $30 in Kohls cash for future purchases. So, for your purchase of $125 worth of items, you will get a total of $88 back in discounts, points, and Kohls cash for future purchases! This is an amazing 70% of the original purchase price!

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