Marvel Mastercard

CardWelcome Bonus
Marvel MasterCard from Synchrony Marvel MasterCard from Synchrony$25 after first purchase


This no-fee card is a surprisingly good option if used primarily within its bonus categories. While there are plenty of no-fee 2% cash back cards, very few cards offer 3% cash back in a wide number of categories.  Marvel advertises this card as earning 3% cash back for dining, select entertainment, and Marvel purchases.  But the “select entertainment” category is quite broad.  By following links to the card’s cash back terms, we find that all of the following earn 3% cash back:

  • Dining
  • Marvel purchases

And Select Entertainment:

  • Movie Theatres: Establishments that sell tickets and refreshments for movie productions.
  • Video Rental and Game Stores: Merchants that rent DVDs and/or games and related equipment for consumer use, including online video rentals.
  • Theatrical and Concert Promoters: Merchants that operate live theatrical productions or concerts, and include ticketing agencies.
  • Amusement parks (including zoos, circuses and aquariums): Establishments that operate parks or carnivals and offer mechanical rides and games and/or live animal shows.
  • Digital Entertainment, Games, and Software: Merchants that provide digital games and content for computers and mobile devices.
  • Music: Establishments that sell CDs and related items, including online records and digital music.
  • Books and Newsstands: Establishments selling reading material both digital and physical formats (includes comic stores).
  • Toys and Hobby Stores: Establishments selling toys and games, including video games.

For Marvel fans, Marvel let’s you choose from a number of card designs: Spiderman, Ironman, Avengers, and more.  Plus, the card offers discounts at and for the Marvel Avengers STATION in Las Vegas.

I don’t recommend this card for international use since it has a 3% foreign exchange fee.  But for day to day use within bonus categories, 3% cash back is excellent.  And, unlike many other cash back cards, cash back is issued automatically as a statement credit within 2 billing cycles, with no minimums.

Card / NotesBonus / Annual Fee
Marvel MasterCard from Synchrony Marvel MasterCard from Synchrony
Earning rate: 3% cash back for dining, select entertainment, and Marvel purchases
Select entertainment = Movie Theatres, Video Rental and Game Stores, Theatrical and Concert Promoters, Amusement Parks, Digital Entertainment, Games and Software, Music, Books and Newsstands, Toys and Hobby Stores.

Noteworthy Perks: 10% off and other discounts at
$25 after first purchase

No annual fee

Recent better offer: None

FM Mini Review: Good option if used only in 3% categories (e.g. dining and entertainment)

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Okay, I applied and got approved. We shall see how it works out. Thanks!


I am approved as well. Thank you for doing the ground work. If you need updates on the card as I use it, let me know.