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Secure message regarding card ending in 1226:

Dear Ink Plus,

I must say, I am flattered by your recent offer.  Words can’t describe how tempted I am!  You are, clearly, just as desirable in every way as your twin sister, Ink Bold.  I am intrigued, too, by your suggestion that we could try out our relationship for a while. As you said, six months is plenty of time to see how much interest we have in each other. 

Things were different with your twin.  When we began dating, she boldly declared that a relationship is not worthwhile if it does not pay off immediately.  That is where you two differ the most.  I took a chance with her and my life has been incredibly rewarding as a result.  Despite your differences, I have no doubt that the same would be true with you.

For now, I must turn down your offer.  It’s too soon for us, Ink Plus, especially considering my recent flirtations with others: Discover, Forward, Hilton, and Cash Plus. Its not you, but the pull of Ink Bold and these others that keeps me from saying yes.

You asked me to give you an answer before the end of the year, so this is it.  I beg of you, though, to please give me more time.  I know that in a month or two memories of my flirtations will fade, and then I’ll be ready.  Will you accept me then?

Yours truly,


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